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Starley unveils a colorful audiovisual for her “One of One” single

Starley is a singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Not too long ago, she released a colorful audiovisual for her “One of One” single.

Starley – “One of One” music video

“When Starley approached us to work with her on ‘One of One’ she mentioned she wanted something colorful. As a directing duo, color is our strong suit. So we created a surreal color-blocked ‘house’ for Starley to live in. The action you see in the video is meant to evoke the feeling you are living in a house you may have once shared with a partner. It’s a bright, quirky take on a break-up song where the juxtaposition between the world and the lyrics  creates an irreverence towards the situation.” –Natasha Foster & Erin Fairs of creative collective Collider (directors)

Starley shared that “One of One” discusses both the struggle with personal inner demons and the subsequent loss of a relationship. The artist-to-watch now discusses how she envisioned that sudden feeling of loneliness being represented in the video.

“You’re the best I ever had.”

Starley press photo (landscape) by Hannah Scott-Stevenson
Photo by Hannah Scott-Stevenson

“With this video, I wanted the feeling of absence to really be felt. We wanted to contrast that with bright colors because often when I feel down, outwardly it can seem the complete opposite. I cover up everything with a smile and numb myself with food comas and mindless activities.” – Starley stated

Starley is one of the most unique and exciting Australian artists to debut in recent years. No stranger to major TV appearances, she has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Good Morning America, The Project, and many more. Not too long ago, she performed “Better With U” as part of a date night for The Bachelorette Australia atop Sydney’s world-famous Harbour Bridge.

‘One of One’ is the title song of Starley’s 13-track debut album, which provides a stunning insight into her evolution as an artist.

“One of One” album

Starley - One of One album cover

“​I’m so excited to present my very first project. It was a journey and a chapter of my life that had so many twists and turns. To be able to share that through my songs is the craziest feeling. I’m so happy to release it out into the world!” – Starley stated

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