Rokeaux press photo
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Rokeaux releases an appealing music video for his playful R&B single, entitled, “Fest”

Rokeaux is a singer, rapper, and songwriter from St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Not too long ago, he released an appealing music video for his playful R&B single, entitled, “Fest.” The Isaak Kimmel-directed video depicts the different emotions and acts within conflicts of infidelity in a relationship.

Rokeaux – “Fest” music video

“We had some seasons but the finale was lit. You threw some heels at me, sh*t, and almost busted my lip. No, I deserved it, but you’re as guilty as me. No, I don’t want it, you’re giving everybody a piece. You were sneaking around on me on weekends until I caught you creeping. Tryna get me back, but when I react, you said that I was tripping and started acting different. I peeped that you were drifting, so I let you sail away.” – lyrics

‘Fest’ tells an exciting tale about a young guy who recently separated from his significant other. Apparently, they were once inseparable until she threw her heels at him because he was screwing another woman behind her back. The day she left, he called her on speakerphone so she can hear him celebrating her departure and his newfound freedom. The party contained alcohol (Tequila, Hennessey), his friends, and a few desirable women. Later, he tells his ex-girlfriend, “Said you forgave me but you learned to lie just like me. Taught you the game, babe, now you play it better than me.”

“I wanna rock right now, they all wanna cuff like a cop right now. Yeah, got all eyes on me, got me feeling like ‘Pac right now.”

Rokeaux press photo
Photo by @amylesneski

“‘Fest’ is a lighthearted take on a breakup celebration, poking fun at a disgruntled ex. The song has grown to be a fan favorite, especially when I perform it live.”  – Rokeaux explained

‘Fest’ contains a post-relationship-based narrative, catchy chorus, and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Saint Jhn, Don Toliver, Future, Drake, and Camila Cabello. The likable tune possesses urban R&B,  reggaeton, and Caribbean hip-pop elements. Furthermore, “Fest” is featured on Rokeaux’s eight-track EP, entitled, “Isla de Caras,” which translates to Island Of Faces.

Rokeaux – “Isla de Caras” EP

Rokeaux - Isla de Caras EP cover art
Artwork by @whitesand_

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