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Exploring Pieternel’s Masterful New Single, “The Harbor (Acoustic)”

Pieternel (@pieternelmusic) is an Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released a lovely single, “The Harbor (Acoustic),” via Amber Music.

Pieternel – “The Harbor (Acoustic)” single

“I went down to the sea, watched couples walking on the beach. My loneliness came to me like water but the shifting wind will dry my tears. You will find me standing here till my ship comes into the harbor. I’ve played the mutineer, sank love because of fear. Got out before it went any farther.” – lyrics

“The Harbor (Acoustic)” contains a relatable narrative that will resonate well with fans of Kacey Musgraves, Cam, Jillian Jacqueline, Tenille Townes, and Joni Mitchell. With great passion, Pieternel sings, “I won’t run and hide no more, I’ll be waiting on the shore. Till my ship comes into the harbor. Oh, there must be someone somewhere that has me on his mind.” Hopeful and optimistic, “The Harbor (Acoustic)” serves as a wonderful representation of Pieternel’s delicate sound. Several months ago, she released a music video for the original version of the song.

Pieternel – “The Harbor” (official video)

“This song has become my mantra. I sometimes get discouraged that I’m still waiting for that one person to spend my life with. Will it ever happen to me? When can I be happy in love? Why is it taking so long till I get to meet my soulmate? This song is a reminder to myself (and others) to stay positive and open-hearted, hoping we’ll all meet ‘the one’ one day.” – Pieternel explained

The music video for “The Harbor” was masterfully filmed by Hessel Stuut in one take, live at a beautiful church located in Kerk aan Zee, Muidenberg. Pieternel delivered a wonderful performance reinforced with backup energy emitting from singers Sophie Janna, Margot Merah, and Debbie Helala.

The original version of “The Harbor” is featured on Pieternel’s 12-track album, “Underneath This Skin.”

Pieternel – “Underneath This Skin” album

Pieternel press photo

“Underneath This Skin” is about finding a safe space in uncertain times. In the middle of the pandemic, Pieternel went through a burn-out. On the album, listeners can witness her struggle as her dreams and demons burst through the surface with brutal honesty. The result is a powerful Pop/Americana album of a woman in search of her place in a world that never stops spinning. Her raw and unfiltered vision exposes her powerful vulnerability.

Pieternel collaborated with songwriters such as Billboard 100 writer Bill Diluigi, Karl Adams, Grammy Award winner Femke Weidema, Stéphanie Struijk, René van Mierlo (Diggy Dex), and Jon Reynols.

“I’m holding on, standing tall.”

Pieternel press photo

Pieternel came to the music scene with the EP “All Night Café” in 2018, followed by her debut full-length album, “Roosevelt Island.” The album was recorded in Nashville Tennessee and produced by Femke Weidema (Grammy award winner) and Helge Slikker (Gouden Kalf winner). It caught the attention of multiple international playlists and brought her live performances at Dutch radio stations such as NPO 2 Muziekcafé, Countdown Café, and Radio 5. In 2021, Pieternel released multiple singles. The single “A Heart Like That” was NPO radio 5 MAXI single, “Underneath This Skin” ranked number 75 in de Airplay Top200. Spotify frequently adds her songs to playlists such as New Music Friday, Lazy Country Morning, and Equal.

To date, Pieternel has opened for artists such as Brandy Clark, Levi Hummon, Angeleena Presley, and Helge. She has also played shows in the Netherlands and the United States.

“It’s too late for me to fail.”

Pieternel - “The Harbor (Acoustic)” cover art

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