Phé press photo
Photo by Jayden Becker

Phé releases a colorful music video for her “Wtv, It’s Cool” single

Phé is a Vancouver born singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a colorful music video for her “Wtv, It’s Cool” single.

Phé – “Wtv, It’s Cool” music video

“I don’t got friends no more. They’ve got lovers and exes. I don’t pick up my phone ‘cause ain’t nobody calling. Spending these nights alone, sipping on lime and patron ‘cause I don’t got friends no more. They’ve got the group texts and the pre-games, loud sex, and the pet names. I can’t keep up with the rich kids and the cocaine. I know that nobody’s asking but, me, I’m doing okay. Yeah, I’m f**king perfect. Just over here working, hoping that this sh*t is worth it.” – lyrics

The audiovisual serves as a social commentary on today’s digital generation and dives in through the lens of Phé’s personal relationships.

Also, the video explores the ever-present feelings of detachment and loneliness that plagues young people around the world. Plus, it draws viewers into Phé’s realm, in a way that is effortlessly cool as she is.

Alongside director Brit Phalen, the two young women, with a simple idea, a passionate hustle, and absolutely no budget, pulled it together over the course of two days.


Phé press photo
Photo by Jayden Becker

I was going through a time where I was feeling really distant from my community of friends. As everyone went about their lives and I watched through my phone screen. Only really getting updates as to what everyone was up to through social media. I was busy working on my career and writing new music, and everyone else was busy in their lives.” – Phé

Phé, a Berklee College of Music graduate, is a name you should remember. With each release, she continues to establish herself as an exciting artist to watch.

Her music brings back a ’90s-R&B vibe blended with a fresh and modern lens that channels influences such as Erykah Badu, Sade, and Lauryn Hill.

The bubbly songstress achieved tremendous recognition after releasing her debut EP, entitled, “CRISIS“, which left listeners enchanted by her soulful seduction.


Phé press photo
Photo by Jayden Becker

“This single takes a look at the deterioration of face to face interactions within our personal relationships in what is now a very digital world.” – Phé

Before taking to the stage as an independent artist, Phé worked as a background vocalist and songwriter for various artists and projects.

So far, she has sung on a number of records including Aloe Blacc’s Grammy-winning single, entitled, “The Man”, and on the Canadian band, Marianas Trench’s JUNO-nominated album, “Astoria”.

Also, she has toured as a background vocalist and supporting act for LA-based pop artist, Ella Vos.

Phé – “Wtv, It’s Cool” single

Phé - Wtv, It's Cool artwork

“This project really epitomizes the beauty of collaboration and put to test the idea of creating something with the community and resources you have available to you. It was really a beautiful experience to be a part of and honestly makes the whole process and final project that much more meaningful to me, because everyone involved was there simply because they wanted to create something special and believed in the project.” – Phé

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