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Ella Vos releases a delicious 5-track EP, entitled, “Watch & Wait”

Ella Vos is an LA-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a delicious 5-track EP, entitled, “Watch & Wait”.

Ella Vos – “Ocean”

“Will you take me as I am…who I really am? This question is directed at myself. It’s easy for me to accept the gentle side of myself. The part that’s easy going and carefree. But I also have a strength that I shy away from. Facing a life-threatening condition forced me to embrace that other side of myself. At times, I like to imagine myself as an ocean. The ocean is beautiful. It is beautiful when it is gentle and it’s beautiful when it’s strong.” – Ella Vos

The EP begins with “Ocean”, an evergreen tune where Vos compares herself to an ocean, which is strong and beautiful. Also, the music video finds her in unison with nature and universally in tune with her inner self.

Ella Vos – “Cast Away”

“‘Cast Away’—that’s how I felt while writing this song. I was exhausted, dragging myself along, and tired of everything around me. I’d just released my first album. I’d overcome post-partum depression. I should have been inspired, but I was collapsing. I hadn’t yet been diagnosed with lymphoma, but I knew something was wrong. Also, I was so tired of being tired. This song is the moment before everything crashed and I realized there was nothing I could do.” – Ella Vos

Cast Away” is another touching tune that highlights an interesting time in Vos’ life, when she was in treatment for lymphoma.

Ella Vos

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“This is where WATCH & WAIT began… A throwback to 9 months ago. In treatment for lymphoma, just a couple days after the tour. This is where I wrote some of my EP, just typing lyrics in my phone before I’d get drowsy and fall asleep. Where I’d spend hours chatting with you all, answering DMs, feeling encouraged by your love. This is where I felt a lot of ups and downs, went into some dark places, but also discovered that I’m stronger than I believed. This is where I began to love myself and accept myself. What I thought was an end turned out to be another beginning.” – Ella Vos via Instagram 

Get acquainted with Ella Vos’ “Watch & Wait” EP by streaming it via Spotify. 

Ella Vos – “Watch & Wait” EP

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