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Pete Philly releases an appetizing neo-soul tune, entitled, “Breathe”

Pete Philly is an Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter, emcee, and producer from the Caribbean. Not too long ago, he released an appetizing neo-soul tune, entitled, “Breathe”.

Pete Philly – “Breathe” single

“Moving forward to the present day, this song now has an added layer of meaning. While many of my brothers and sisters are globally fighting for the right to breathe and be unequivocally free. While understanding that only new and revolutionary ways of getting to that place will work. This song feels like the soundtrack to this exact moment right now. The beauty of poetry is that when it comes purely from the heart like this, it will ring true to different hearts in different ways. I hope this song can pierce through the storm we’re in so we all get to breathe and build yet another day.” – Pete Philly stated

Pete Philly’s only obstacle in life was the Lyme Disease he caught and battled for six years. Now, he’s back on his feet and breathing again. Also, the multi-faceted artist is carving his career together with his listeners via his budding association with Corite (a new crowdfunding and marketing platform).

“I believe building my musical path together with my fans will give me more freedom as an artist and make it a lot more fun.” – Pete Philly

Pete Philly

Pete Philly press photo on stage

“This is my most personal song in a while, I wrote ‘Breathe’ in Sweden. By then, I was five years into my six-year battle with Lyme disease. And though I was on my way back to becoming functional again, I was not yet fully healed. However, I was in a joyous and playful place. I met talented people who were also out there writing and I took to the moment like a fish to water.” – Pete Philly stated

Pete Philly’s sound draws inspiration from his Caribbean background as well as genres like funk, folk, and soul. So far, Philly has supported Kanye West on European dates. Also, he toured globally with his previous projects, which Talib Kweli exclaimed was “Light years ahead of the game.”

“Breathe” single

Pete Philly - “Breathe” cover

“While writing ‘Breathe’ on a balcony with Robin Stjernberg on guitar, then recording it, tears rolled over my face. Having been taken away from my purpose for as long as I had made the fact that I was useful again a truly profound experience. Having my talents acknowledged and appreciated while expressing myself freely and authentically, meant the world to me. For the first time in many many years, I felt like I could finally breathe.” – Pete Philly

‘Breathe’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary R&B and neo-soul elements. Furthermore, “Breathe” serves as a wonderful presentation to the type of music listeners can expect to hear from Pete Philly in the near future.   

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