Pete Philly

Pete Philly performs an exclusive session for Red Bull Music

Pete Philly is a talented artist from the Netherlands. Not too long ago, he performed an exclusive session for Red Bull Music, at Red Bull’s studio in Amsterdam.

Pete Philly – Red Bull session

Philly and up-and-coming producer Melle Jutte performed Philly’s first single of 2018, entitled, “Come Together”, and his second single, “Favorite Song”. Also, they performed an unreleased track, entitled, “Dear”.

Pete Philly
Photo by Dennis Lubbers

“The reason why I’m doing all this is because I am making music to perform on stage, in front of an audience. I have missed the feeling to connect with an audience that way. So much love and madness will pour out of me, it’s bizarre. This is going to be so special.” – Philly

“Come Together”

“It’s taken me seven years to reconnect with you. That’s a lot of pent up LOVE that’s inside of me and I can’t wait to share it. For the first time in my life, I’m actually present, loving and healthy enough to serve on the level I believe you deserve. So, this year I’m taking you on the road to BLISS as I experience it. My discoveries come with fresh new theme MUSIC. I deeply appreciate YOU specifically for keeping tabs on me during this long but necessary rebirth. This first song is produced for you especially. Much, much.”

Pete Philly

Pete Philly

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