Pete Philly
Photo by Teamwayta

Pete Philly releases his third single of 2018, entitled, “Dear”

Pete Philly is an emerging hip-hop/neo-soul artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Not too long ago, he released his third single of 2018, entitled, “Dear”.

Pete Philly – “Dear”

“So I thought about it on why and how is this still working for you? Never mind the asking. You know it ain’t no masking. All this time is classic with you. Yeah, I know that we can hit it or vibe for a bit. So just relax if you keep feeling stuck. Let’s slide, we’ll be right as the rain. Finding love instead of fighting the pain. If not, explain it to me.”

Dear is an ode to Philly’s urban routes and a nod to the new direction his music is taking. Produced by Melle Jutte, the song threads the artist’s effortless lyrics together with a vast structure doused in electronic quirks.

October European Tour

Pete Philly + Tour

Pete Philly recently announced his first European tour in seven years. Following warm-up shows in Amsterdam and Rotterdam last month, he is ready to perform brand new material with a live band to bigger audiences.

Pete Philly

Pete Philly

In conclusion, Pete Philly, originally from Aruba, is a multilingual artist with an amazing sound. Also, rapper Talib Kweli labeled him, “Light years ahead of the game.” Philly has opened mega shows for artists such as James Brown and Kanye West, as well as touring cities, countries & festivals worldwide. 

“Dear” single

Pete Philly + Dear cover art

We highly recommend adding Pete Philly’s “Dear” single to your personal playlist.

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