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Noraa & Merōn releases a wonderful R&B duet, entitled, “Somebody Else,” featuring Deathbypeanuts

Noraa is a rising Berlin-based singer-songwriter from Cologne, Germany. Not too long ago, she and Merōn released a wonderful R&B duet, titled, “Somebody Else,” featuring Deathbypeanuts.

Noraa & Merōn – “Somebody Else” single featuring Deathbypeanuts

“A spontaneous session ended up producing my last song for the EP—a classic RnB love duet in the form of ‘Somebody Else.’ An honest attempt at confessing your feelings to someone you love.” – Noraa explained

‘Somebody Else’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of H.E.R., Cleo Sol, Kehlani, and Joy Crookes. The likable tune’s mellow instrumentation is flavored with a contemporary R&B vibration. Furthermore, “Somebody Else” is featured on Noraa’s “Twenty Two” EP, which invites listeners into her world.

Noraa – “Twenty Two” EP

Noraa - Twenty Two Artwork

“These different phases of life and feelings in 2022 obviously inspired the name of the EP. But the number 22 also repeatedly came up during the year. Upon looking it up, I found out that it also means new beginnings.” – Noraa explained

‘Twenty Two’ is a collection of five lush R&B songs that speaks to events and highlights of 2022. The project welcomes listeners to feel along with Noraa as she navigates a year of new beginnings.

“Sweet Summer Dreams” music video

“‘Sweet Summer Dreams’ sets the tone–fighting winter depression at the beginning of 2022 and a lack of perspective due to the pandemic which left me hopeless for months on end. But instead, I tried to turn these negative feelings into something warm and hopeful.” – Noraa explained

“Matter of Time” single

“‘Matter of Time’ was written in a melancholic moment. Still freezing in March, I was hopeful for the summer that was about to come. These first two tracks mark the direction of this EP. Atmospheric RnB and Pop songs which are supposed to make you feel like you’re walking through a warm summer breeze.” – Noraa explained

“Not Available” single

“Almost summer, and with a much better overall mood, I wrote ‘Not Available.’ One of my favorite songwriting topics has always been relationships. I wanted to have at least one acoustic song on the EP, so I started writing about the time when I really wanted to just focus on myself. Since it was a more uplifting time for me in general, I wanted this to be reflected in the song too.” – Noraa explained

Noraa (of German and Chadian heritage) effortlessly and deftly maneuvers through genres of pop and R&B. Her unique, magnetic vocal style weaves between silky production, while her music videos draw on the energy of her (literal) creative family, creating a sultry, world-class visual identity to accompany her soulful sound.

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