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Listen to Deathbypeanuts & Méron’s New Single, “Superspeed”

deathbypeanuts (@deathbypeannuts) is an anonymous producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin, Germany. Méron (@meroneymaarey) is an R&B vocalist from Germany. Not too long ago, they released a dark, alternative R&B single, “Superspeed,” via Lekker Collective.

deathbypeanuts and Méron’s – “Superspeed” Single

A raw, slow burner, “Superspeed” is reminiscent of the murky R&B made by The Code, early Majid Jordan, Ben Esser, and 6LACK. The track builds around a simple piano melody, with a hard, late-night beat that falls away to allow for MERON’s verses, before dropping back in for the chorus.

Most notably, “Superspeed” is a demo that a friend urged deathbypeanuts and Méron to release after having it stuck in their heads for over a year. “Superspeed” follows mildly on the heels of deathbypeanuts’ debut single, “Cold As Usual,” with Méron.

deathbypeanuts & Merōn – “Cold As Usual” single

“The idea for ‘Cold As Usual’ was to capture the honesty of the situation, rather than dressing it up with unnecessary sentiment or cliches. Thematically, ‘Cold As Usual’ is about those moments when relationships get frosty, and I wanted it to resonate with anyone who’s ever felt that same emotional distance, without sugarcoating it. That’s what makes this song real and relatable to us.” – Merōn explained

“We wrote ‘Cold As Usual’ during the summer of 2022. This demo idea was lying around from my time in London with Ben Esser, where I made it for an artist who ended up wanting a more hip-hop direction. We shelved it, but I ended up sending it to Merōn. We met up in the studio and the rest is history. I was listening to Gwen Bunn’s ‘2MANYTHINGS’ on repeat at that time, and I wanted to bring a bit of that same warm energy into my own production.” – deathbypeanuts explained

deathbypeanuts and Méron

deathbypeanuts x Merōn press photo

deathbypeanuts might be a new moniker to take note of, but is by no means a newbie to the music world, releasing with Kelvyn Colt, Chris James, Noah Slee, Beau Diako, Marie Dahlstrom, Sipprell, Teesy, Marie Bothmer, Chefket, J.Lamotta (Jakarta Records) and more. His moniker alludes to his deathly peanut allergy.

A classically trained pianist, deathbypeanuts’ teen years saw him swivel to contemporary jazz piano and bass guitar, before kicking off his music career at 17 as a touring musician. He has since shared stages with names such as The Black Eyed Peas, CRO, Lena Meyer Landrut, Namika, Max Giesinger, and SCHMYT. The pandemic saw him take his first steps as a producer and songwriter.

deathbypeanuts and Méron’s – “Superspeed” single

deathbypeanuts x MERON - Superspeed

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