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Mica Millar releases a spectacular music video for her “Girl” single

Mica Millar is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Manchester, England. Not too long ago, she released a spectacular music video for her “Girl” single, released on March 8, in celebration of International Women’s Day 2022. The song was mixed by LA-based, multi-platinum producer, Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder) and mastered by Geoff Pesche (Ed Sheeran, Adele) at Abbey Road Studios.

Mica Millar – “Girl” music video

“Other women’s stories can be like looking at a reflection of your own life. There’s something really special about the connections we make when we share what we’re going through and encourage and empower each other. Some of these stories were inspired by my backing singers over a glass of wine (or three) after rehearsals and studio sessions. At the time, I really needed something to lift me up. And it was support from other women that brought about the initial idea. I wanted to write something honest and truthful, based on real stories that we can all relate to.” – Mica Millar explained

‘Girl’ is uplifting in equal measure with its lyrics drawn from true stories about inspirational women close to Mica. Her ever-present vocal is delivered atop angelic backing vocals, catchy riffs, and soul-drenched drums. The recording was completed remotely during lockdown between Mica’s studio in Manchester, UK, and Hive Mind Studios in Brooklyn, New York. The result is a stunning sonic blend of modern and classic soul that is both reassuringly familiar yet distinctly, Mica Millar.

Mica Millar

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“I have a huge amount of respect for these women and what they’ve each achieved with their work. As a team, we really wanted this video to be about celebrating the song and celebrating real women. So the cast in the dance scene are friends of mine. Women from my life who inspire me.” – Mica Millar explained

‘Girl’ explores themes of female empowerment, racial injustice, relationships, and human nature. The song is a social and spiritual commentary that spans a diverse range of challenges. Also, it implores us to reflect, accept, and take inspiration from the commonalities of our respective journeys through life. As an ode to women, “Girl” is as much of a love letter to those that need it as it is a reminder to encourage and uplift yourself in challenging times. At the time of writing ‘Girl,’ Mica was in recovery from a spinal injury that had very nearly left her permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

Mica Millar

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‘Girl’ is a feel-good female empowerment anthem that will undoubtedly speak to the hearts of women everywhere. The spirited tune finds Mica Millar singing about not giving up, confidently facing long roads ahead, and rising above any unjust obstacle. In due time, change will come, but in the meantime, Mica encourages viewers to utilize their hearts to remain wholesome. Later, she sings from a familiar place, “Girl, don’t wish your life away. It’s a do-round, got nothing but today. Just know that you belong and the moments here to stay. Don’t get lost in yesterday, tomorrow’s just a day away.”

‘Girl’ contains an inspirational narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Jessie Ware, Lianna La Havas, and Emile Sande. The fiercely dynamic tune exudes infectious confidence that is just too compelling to resist. Furthermore, “Girl” triumphantly follows the foot-stomping, gospel-infused, “Preacher Man.”

Mica Millar

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Mica Millar is always keen to address gender imbalances. And that’s why she put together an incredible team of 15 people (12 women and three men), including an all-female senior crew that worked on the video, which was stylized with Mica’s signature vintage and industrial aesthetic.

Mica took on the role of Creative Director, Executive Producer, and Editor. She worked alongside up-and-coming filmmakers, Charlene Jones (Video Director) [winner of Best UK Short Film for ‘Henceforth’ at BFI Future Film Festival 2019], Jamaican-British award-winning TV and filmmaker, Lissi Simpson (First Assistant Director) [creator of Oscar-qualifying short film ‘Mexed’ about microaggressions relating to afro-hair,] and youth worker and racial activist, Angeli Sweeney (Mica’s backing singer who is subtly referenced in the song’s second verse by her nickname ‘Angel’).

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“The factors contributing to gender imbalance within the industry are complex and multi-layered. But I feel the best way I can promote positive change is by doing my own thing. Also,  demonstrating to others that it can be done, and ensuring that wherever possible, I’m conscious and aware of promoting inclusiveness with the decisions I’m making about who I work with. I think there is a place for both female leadership as well as creating more balanced teams in terms of gender. Both are useful approaches to championing and promoting female creativity and capability in different ways.” – Mica Millar explained

Mica Millar is an independent artist, who runs her own label and publishing company, Golden Hour Music. She writes, arranges, and produces her own songs. Also, she designs artwork, and produces, creatively directs, and edits her music videos. Therefore, she knows all too well the challenges of working as a woman in the music industry. Oftentimes, she finds herself at the helm of predominantly male teams and thinks this can only be positive.

Mica Millar

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“Therewith your head in your hands, come on darling, you’ve got the world in your sights. And I know life is unfair, doesn’t care, let your hair down and I’ll be by your side. Therewith your heart on your sleeve, darling, you got the love, got the light. And I know life is unkind, love was blind not to find you, but we got enough tonight.” – lyrics

In conclusion, “Girl” is lifted from Mica Millar’s self-written, arranged, and produced debut album, entitled, Heaven Knows. The project, set to be released in June 2022, explores themes of human nature, spirituality, love, oppression, inequality, and empowerment. Furthermore, “Heaven Knows” draws inspiration from a plethora of vintage soundscapes. Most notably—soul, blues, gospel, and jazz. Also, the album is a timeless collection of modern-soul showcasing a confident new artist. Mica not only found her voice but successfully managed to put her life’s challenges and triumphs into her art.

“Girl” single

Mica Millar - “Girl” song cover art

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