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LOVA releases an introspective pop tune, entitled, “Own Worst Enemy”

LOVA is a talented singer-songwriter from Sweden. Not too long ago, she released an introspective pop tune, entitled, “Own Worst Enemy”.

LOVA – “Own Worst Enemy” single

“I need some f**ked up stories for my biography. Rockstar pulling up to my eulogy. And they’ll say rest in peace to the baddest f**king b*tch that you’ll ever gonna meet yeah. Always been a real control freak. You will never catch me smoking weed. Maybe, I should get high. At least I know I’ve tried even if I don’t like it.” – lyrics

‘Own Worst Enemy’ finds LOVA giving listeners an inside look into her deepest thoughts and real-life experience. Bringing to life a page from her diary, “Own Worst Enemy” is LOVA confessing her regrets, what if’s, and could have’s that stem from striving for perfection and the universal instinct to please others. Furthermore, “Own Worst Enemy” contains a heartfelt narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses luxurious instrumentation scented with a commercial pop aroma.   

“I can be my own worst enemy. Maybe that’s why I’m in therapy”

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“If you were to ask me how I would sound If I was a song, I think this would’ve been it. ‘Own Worst Enemy’ is raw and honest, playful and quirky, self-critical and personal but also flirtatious and badass, just like me. In this song, I talk a lot about my inner struggles and insecurities, and one of them is that I’ve always tried to be the ‘perfect girl’. So this song is a perfect introduction to my mind and for people to get to know me on a deeper and more personal level. But it’s also fun, feel good, and is a perfect song for the Spring. So I hope that people want to dance to it as well!” – LOVA

LOVA is an exciting new artist to watch and a name you should remember. She’s certainly an artist to keep your eye on as she begins her claim to fame. “Own Worst Enemy” follows hot on the heels of her previously released single, entitled, “Jealous Of My Friends”, and her head-turning EP, entitled, “A Gentleman’s Guide”.

“Own Worst Enemy” single

LOVA - “Own Worst Enemy” cover

“I studied hard in school to always get those Bs and Cs. Even though the doctor told me I got ADD. Maybe, I could change the game. Get a tattoo on my face. Wouldn’t that sh*t look amazing?” – lyrics

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