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Looseleaf releases a tuneful indie-pop single, entitled, “Breakdown”

Looseleaf is a California-based outfit. Not too long ago, they released a tuneful indie-pop single, entitled, “Breakdown”.

Looseleaf – “Breakdown”

“I’m on the verge of a breakdown. Pieces of me falling on the ground. I get pick me up at sundown. Fighting hard until I hit the ground. 5-3-86 and still not seen. Hold my place by the cigarette machine.” – lyrics

‘Breakdown’ is the closing song from Looseleaf’s sophomore album, entitled, “Paper Cuts”.

The easy-going tune tells an interesting tale of an individual who struggles with substance abuse and mental issues. Also, while on the verge of breaking down, he tries his best to smile through the discomfort he’s experiencing. 

‘Breakdown’ contains a relatable storyline, dreamy vocals, and vibey instrumentation flavored with beach vibes and indie-pop elements.

Looseleaf – “Paper Cuts” EP

Looseleaf – “Paper Cuts” EP artwork

“Somewhere between the sunset reflecting on the PCH and the hum of traffic on the GWB, LOOSELEAF resonates. We are the slow ascension into the furthest depths of your brain after a long deep hit. We are the moisture on your tongue after a throwback of Kentucky bourbon. Rounded, mellow beats and dreamy harmonies will take you to a place you’ll want to lose yourself in. LOOSELEAF is YOU… e l e v a t e d.” – Looseleaf

Looseleaf consists of Anthony Marone and Wesley Edwards. The dynamic duo started in 2013, writing songs in their tiny 200 square foot apartment in Hermosa Beach.

Get acquainted with their music by streaming their “Paper Cuts” EP via Spotify.

Looseleaf – “Paper Cuts” EP

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