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Experience the Magic of Lauren Minear’s “High” Single

Lauren Minear (@laurenminearmusic) is a New York City-based singer-songwriter raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her new single, “High,” single via Baby Boy Records.

Lauren Minear – “High” music video

“‘High’ is a song about realizing that you already have everything you need inside of yourself. When I wrote it, I was thinking about how so many of us look for happiness outside of ourselves, for some sort of happy ending. It’s addictive to constantly grab for something to dull the pain, but the truth is that no matter what you do, life will always have ups and downs. You have to look for the magic within yourself and the joy in the present moment to ride them out and find peace. I was thinking about this when I recorded the hook (‘I get high on my own love’) in a voice memo and took it to a writing session with Dan.

‘High’ is the last of five music videos that, together, tell the story of someone who feels trapped in her life. Rather than leaving it, she sheds layers of identity that no longer serve her. She is reborn and finds peace in creativity. In the video, we see her fully embodied and integrated – figuratively, above it all.

In my own life, there have been times when I thought the right relationship or job would solve my problems. What I’ve learned, especially through the beautiful and often painful process of starting a family, is that they just continually reemerge in different forms. We have to shift and be flexible.” — Lauren Minear explained

“High” will resonate with Natalie Merchant, Joan Osborne, and Maggie Rogers supporters. The song follows the previously released singles, THE WAY IT WAS, CHASING DAYLIGHT, THE SUN, and REAL ME. Those songs will be featured on Lauren Minear’s forthcoming album, “Chasing Daylight,” available on May 31st, 2024. A deluxe version of the album featuring four additional tracks will be released on July 12th, 2024.

Lauren Minear – “Chasing Daylight” album

Lauren Minear - “Chasing Daylight” album cover

“One of the central themes in the album “Chasing Daylight” is the idea that the healing process is a process of enlightenment and self-discovery. The music videos illustrate that transformation in a few different ways. One is that the five videos take place over the course of a day, beginning pre-dawn, and moving toward sunset (magic hour). Another is that each outfit that the protagonist tries on is a different color, moving from black to purple, through all spectrums of light. Personally, this symbolizes my personal transformation from someone who was trying to do everything ‘right’ by external standards, to someone who trusts herself.

One interesting anecdote about the “High” video is that I had a very hard time finding and choosing the purple dress. I had clear visual ideas about what the characters in the first five videos should be wearing early on in the project, but I was stumped over the purple dress. It felt like I had to go through the actual process of making the album, storyboarding the videos, and trying on endless dress options to discover what this character wears. In that way, I really lived the project.

In the end, we went with a dress that resembles the white dress in ‘Chasing Daylight,’ but is, of course, purple. The significance of this, for me, is that healing happens over and over again. It’s never finished. We often find ourselves going back to the beginning, and that’s as it should be.” — Lauren Minear explained

Lauren Minear has a way of turning powerful emotions into resonant Indie-folk/Pop gems. She honed her craft under the mentorship of George Marinelli (long-time guitar player for Bonnie Raitt), folk legend Steve Earle, acclaimed country music songwriter Alice Randall, songwriter Joe Croker, and folk artist, Tom Prasada-Rao.

Lauren Minear

Lauren Minear press photo

“When I was writing the album, I was going through the process of deciding to pursue music full-time rather than returning to my day job as a psychotherapist. I struggled with the decision because I knew the world was in crisis and people needed support. I wanted to write an album that I would want my psychotherapy clients to hear, something that motivates people to keep going when they are going through a hard time. It’s what I would say to my own children, or to my inner child. It’s the wisdom I’ve gleaned from years of clinical training and working on my relationship with myself.” – Lauren Minear explained

In 2022, Minear released her debut album, “Invisible Woman,” which explores themes of identity, love, and loss, magnified by her experience of being postpartum during the pandemic. Minear is deeply passionate about mental health, and skillfully uses music to describe the human experience in a way that is both healing and affirming to her listeners.

Lauren Minear - “High press photo

With her heart-melting lyrics, soulful voice, and refreshing wit, Minear has mesmerized audiences at New York City music institutions such as The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and Brooklyn Music Kitchen.

Lauren Minear – “High”

Lauren Minear - High cover art

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