Lily Kincade - “Let Me Leave” press photo

Unveiling Lily Kincade’s Latest Indie-Pop Single, “Let Me Leave”

Lily Kincade (@thelilykincade) is a rising indie-pop sensation from Kansas City. Not too long ago, she unveiled her latest single, “Let Me Leave,” marking her first release of 2024.

Lily Kincade – “Let Me Leave” Lyric Video

The release of “Let Me Leave” is accompanied by a visually stunning lyric video, crafted by Lily herself. In a unique and personal approach, Lily and her best friend shot the cover photo using a 35mm film camera and created the video with a vintage camcorder, using stop-motion visuals to add an extra layer of nostalgia and intimacy to the experience. Lily explained, “The person ‘Let Me Leave’ is about doesn’t live at that location in the video anymore, but I wanted to capture the exact place where this boy let me leave, and immortalize that moment in the song.”

“Let Me Leave” is a heartfelt and nostalgic pop song. It delves into the complexities of lost love and self-discovery, showcasing Lily’s talent for crafting emotionally resonant music that connects deeply with her audience. With its poignant repetition of “let me leave,” the chorus underscores the yearning for freedom and change, reflecting the painful yet empowering process of moving on from a past relationship.

“Let Me Leave” is a 100% self-written track that encapsulates a wide range of emotions from grief and heartbreak, to love and gratitude. Lily’s evocative lyrics and soul-stirring melody create a powerful narrative about recognizing one’s worth and making the tough decision to choose oneself in the face of adversity.

Lily Kincade – “Let Me Leave” single

Lily Kincade - “Let Me Leave” press photo

“This song is about knowing your worth and choosing yourself even when it’s hard. It’s a reflection on a time in my life where I had to make a difficult choice for my own well-being.” – Lily Kincade explained

Known for her authentic and emotionally charged music, Lily Kincade never strays away from writing and releasing songs personal to her. Lily’s single releases last year spoke to that same narrative, resonating and garnering significant attention from major media publications. Her rising prominence also led to a noteworthy performance with With “Let Me Leave,” Lily continues to build on the momentum of her previous successes, further establishing herself as a compelling voice in the indie-pop scene.

Lily Kincade – “Let Me Leave” single

Lily Kincade - “Let Me Leave” cover art

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