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Livvy Lauren releases an inspiring pop ballad, entitled, “Who You Are”

Livvy Lauren is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. Not too long ago, she released an inspiring pop ballad, entitled, “Who You Are.” The personally honest track was written on a wine-induced emotional high in less than 30 minutes.

Livvy Lauren – “Who You Are” lyric video

“Music helps me get a clear picture. Although each of my songs is very personal to myself, they are relatable situations that can hopefully help other people, as well.” – Livvy Lauren stated

Livvy Lauren doesn’t know a life without music. Over time, she discovered that lyrics and melodies provided relief, understanding, and clarity about life. Her bold, honest, and empowering sound comes from a dedication to her craft and her ability to see music as therapy. The self-proclaimed adrenaline lover takes inspiration from contemporaries like Ella Henderson, Sam Smith, Jorja Smith, and Doja Cat, whose dynamic performances and energizing lyrics stand out to Livvy above all others.

As an artist, Livvy is learning to balance work and life. She eschews a set schedule and instead spends every second outside of her full-time job perfecting lyrics, planning visuals, and working with her team. Thus far, her biggest challenge has been the latter: trusting her team with her vision.

Livvy Lauren

“It is hard as a musician to allow others to give input on personal work,” Livvy stated. “Once I learned to let go of this, everything fell into place.” Her what you put in, you get out motto propels Livvy forward with the hope that one day she’ll be on a stage hearing people sing her lyrics back to her. Over the last couple of years, Livvy has written over 50 songs. Oftentimes, she finds that her creativity blossoms at night and/or while she’s driving. “The number of times I have had to pull over to voice record something on my phone or step outside the house late at night to hum a new melody is ridiculous,” she stated. Her songs (“Who You Are,” “Messin'”) are two products of that creativity.

Livvy Lauren – “Messin'” music video

“Messin'” first started with an uplifting beat that inspired Livvy to pull lyrics from her song bible, a collection of storylines and song topics from different stages of her life. The song is about the pitfalls of going back to an ex-partner. “I always get a good vibe and positive feel when performing it,” Livvy stated.

“Let the world see who you are.”

Livvy Lauren - “Who You Are” cover photo
Photo by Talie Rose Eigeland

For now, Livvy continues to write music, just as she’s done all her life. She promises that her work will always reflect where she is, and her future remains wide open with regard to new material. Having already recorded at the legendary Metropolis Studios, her sights are set on thousand-member audiences, number one singles, and a BBC Live Lounge performance. In her words, “I’m always striving for more.”

“Who You Are” single

Livvy Lauren - “Who You Are” cover art
Photo by Talie Rose Eigeland

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