Linae – “Stereo Vibing” photo

Linae releases a performance video for her “Stereo Vibing” single

Linae is a rising singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a performance video for her “Stereo Vibing” single.

Linae – “Stereo Vibing” (Live Session)

“The way you move me is so dramatic, sending shivers down my spine. New school feeling somehow classic, we stereo vibing .and I just want to know if you been thinking ‘bout it too. Giving me something more, better than four to floor. I can’t lie it’s got me overthinking all I do. Never had this before. I just wanna feel this groove once more. Moving through my body like it’s yours. Oh, when we’re together it’s so pure.” – lyrics

‘Stereo Vibing’ tells a lovely tale of a young woman who shares a blissful moment with her significant other. Apparently, their delightful experience is to her taste, so much so that she desires for the blissfulness to occur over-and-over again. Later, she admits that no one can vibe with her body like how her companion can.


Linae – “Stereo Vibing” photo

“The inspiration for ‘Stereo Vibing’ comes from being literally infatuated with someone. To be in a room where there are several hundred people, but only that one person matters. Locked in our own world, doing our own thing. I’m very guarded as a person but when it is right, just give in to the emotions. When you’re in the initial stage, the stage of really falling for someone, you are very vulnerable. Being human, we’re all overthinking it but sometimes the feeling is just too good to not wear your heart on a sleeve. It’s a strange stage in the relationship but at the same time, it’s everything! And I believe that the song really serves all these feelings. I want people to feel what I feel and sing along to it! Maybe, if I may wish, add a sexy little dance to it.” – Linae

‘Stereo Vibing’ was created during a fantastic session in London at the end of 2019. When the right mix of people came together, things magically happened. The track was co-written and produced by Maths Time Joy (Mahalia, Gallant, Bebe Rexha, etc.). Also, it was mixed and mastered by Prash ”Engine Earz” Mistry (Jorja Smith, The Prodigy, Aloe Blacc, etc.) Furthermore, the co-writers in the sessions included rising artist/writer Ayelle and Marlon Roudette (known for his work with Sinead Harnett and Mabel).

“Stereo Vibing” single

Linae – “Stereo Vibing” cover by @paul_edwardss
cover by @paul_edwardss

‘Stereo Vibing’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the retro-flavored tune possesses groovy instrumentation decorated with contemporary R&B and electro-dance elements.

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