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Lilla Vargen releases a heartfelt music video for her “Why Wait” single

Lilla Vargen is a singer-songwriter from Ballymena, County Antrim, in Northern Ireland. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt music video for her “Why Wait” single.

Lilla Vargen – “Why Wait” music video

“My family worked with the council helping put together packs for people who were sleeping rough. You see things that are quite hard. Also, you learn the most amazing things just from talking to people, and they’re so glad to have these conversations. It’s difficult to imagine how hard it must be sitting there on the streets day by day, with everyone avoiding you.” – Lilla Vargen

The TJ-directed audiovisual highlights the ongoing housing crisis in Ireland, a painful subject close to Lilla Vargen’s heart.

‘Why Wait’ tells a bitter tale of a young woman who wants to exit a toxic relationship with her significant other.

Apparently, she realizes that she is better off being by herself than staying in an unhealthy relationship. Therefore, she decides not to suffer any more for someone who doesn’t care about her wellbeing.

“Why Wait” single

Lilla Vargen - “Why Wait” cover

“I put up with a lot because when you care about somebody you can become completely oblivious. I think that’s one of my biggest flaws. Also, it’s a strength because I care so deeply for my friends and family. That’s why the EP is called ‘We Were Thunder’. You can get completely lost in it and it feels like magic, but that can go away very quickly.” – Lilla Vargen

Lilla Vargen is a name you should remember.

Her “Why Wait” single provides a glimpse of who she is as an artist.

The emotional tune will be featured on her upcoming EP, entitled, “We Were Thunder”, set to be released via Futurekind on November 29, 2019.

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