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Kyle Meagher releases a music video for his “Just Talkin’” single

Kyle Meagher is a rising singer-songwriter, musician, and (CBC & Netflix) actor from Canada. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Just Talkin’” single.

Kyle Meagher – “Just Talkin’” music video

“Wow, I really like your smile. Sorry, that came out of nowhere. I’d, really like to know your name. Wow, I know we just met but I feel like I’ve known you forever. I, really hope you feel the same.” – lyrics

‘Just Talkin’’ tells a flirtatious tale about a young guy who meets a new love interest. Apparently, he wants to ‘dive right in’ but knows it would be in his best interest to take things slow.

‘Just Talkin’’ contains a relatable storyline, pleasing vocals, and fun-filled musical stylings. Also, the happy tune possesses guitar-driven instrumentation perfumed with an alternative-pop aroma.

Furthermore, the inspiration behind the song stems from not knowing if someone is romantically interested but hoping they are feeling the same way. Kyle Meagher reveals that “just talking” with a person encompasses the sweet moments of uncertainty before putting a label on a new relationship.

“Just Talkin’” single

Kyle Meagher – “Just Talkin'” cover

“This song was inspired by a true-life event, where I was seeing a girl at the time. It was in the beginning stages of dating with an uncertainty of not knowing what the relationship was. Although it did not work out, I wanted to create a song to show when you’re just talking with someone there are sweet moments you can cherish forever. Through the upbeat vibes and strong guitar chords, the single reflects the fun and flirtatious moments during the early stages of dating.” – stated Kyle Meagher

‘Just Talkin’’ was co-written with Joe Jordan and produced by Mark Liggett (Robin Gibb/BeeGees, Billy Idol, George Michael, New Kids on the Block, Kira Isabella), and Jerry Lane.

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