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Kyle Meagher releases a music video for his “Bagel Shop” single

Kyle Meagher is an up-and-coming 16-year-old singer-songwriter from Canada. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Bagel Shop”, a bittersweet alternative-pop tune from his “Beats in a Bagel Shop” EP.

Kyle Meagher – music video

“Why’d you have to take me there. You could have done this anywhere. Why you gotta ruin this place? Say we gotta talk, say you need a little space. It’s your life you could do what you want. But why’d you have to break my heart down at the bagel shop?” – lyrics

‘Bagel Shop’ tells an interesting tale of a young guy who regrets taking his ex-girlfriend to a local bagel shop on their first date. Since then, they’ve been chilling there every Sunday at 2 o’clock, eating bagels, drinking coffee, and conversing about nothing too specific. Later, life throws an unexpected curveball that shatters the guy’s entire existence. With teary eyes, it hurts him to hear her say that she needs her space. Shortly afterward, they break up due to that very reason. The following Sunday, around 2 o’clock, he drives by the shop and sees his ex and her new beau sitting at the exact same window where he and she used to sit.

‘Bagel Shop’ contains a relatable storyline, pleasing vocals, and guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with sentimental elements.

Kyle Meagher – “Bagel Shop” single

Kyle Meagher – “Bagel Shop” artwork

Kyle Meagher is also an actor, known for his recurring role on the Netflix show, Anne with an E. Get acquainted with his music by streaming his “Beats in a Bagel Shop” EP via Spotify.

Kyle Meagher – “Beats in a Bagel Shop” EP

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