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Kur releases a music video for his “Road To Riches” single

Kur (pronounced “Core”) is a rising rapper from Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Road To Riches” single via Meek Mill’s DreamChasers and Roc Nation/Republic Records.

Kur – “Road To Riches” music video

“I’m on the road to riches, got granted my wishes. But sh*t still came wit’ a ton, felt at a time I was trippin’. Burnt bridge after bridge ‘cause I felt it was more than one. Gained a load of wisdom, made bold decisions. I don’t regret sh*t that I done, I’m in the mode to get it, you wanna chase wit’ me, then ni^^a you welcome to come. Free Lil Nuni, I jus’ gave a check to ya mom. Told her don’t stress, you be fine. We had that uzi, was tryna get it when Reemo died, I still wish he was live. Everybody talk about what they gon’ do ‘til it’s time. I’m thinkin ‘bout if I should sign?” – lyrics

‘Road To Riches’ finds Kur rapping about real-life issues like bills piling up and coming a long way with only $3 to his name. He raps, “Mom’s hurting, but she ain’t gon’ keep crying.” Destine to fulfill his destiny, Kur kept grinding hard when he desperately needed a push. Apparently, he thinks, “I’m blessed and cursed.” Along the way, he encountered addiction issues, “Trying pills, I got hooked, I jus’ keep buying.” While people were dying in the streets, Kur kept grinding while sexing desirable women. Later, he tells an interesting story, “She like, ‘You cute in person.’ Let’s be honest, I f*** b*tches wit’ bodies like Teyana, talking Taylor. If you want me, be honest. Said she don’t do no percs, she gon e-bomb it. Man, I gave her the  work, she said rewind it.”

‘Road To The Riches’ contains a relatable narrative, rapid-fire bars, and sporadic delivery flow. The likable urban tune possesses airy keys and jittery 808-laden instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and contemporary rap elements. Furthermore, “Road To Riches” cements Kur as Philly’s next rising star in the wings.

“I want you to know there’s a way, I didn’t have anything, but I made a way.”

Kur press photo
Photo by @stoneydigital

“It felt like I was born again and got a shot at my dreams. Meek has been supporting me for years. He was probably one of the first co-signs I got. I finally got the business right, and everything worked out. I was speechless, I knew I had to make it count. I’m getting back to transparency, rawness, and grittiness. I’m saying whatever comes to my mind. I want the best of both worlds. I’m giving you the pain, the dirt, and the mud. But I’m also giving you the cash, the trips, and the girls. This is going to talk about my personal experiences. I’m getting back into the zone I came out with. This is the core of KUR.” – Kur explained

Kur’s musical inspirations include Rod Wave, NBA YoungBoy, Drake, and Meek Mill, who christened Kur “The Soul of Philly” and welcomed him to the Dream Chasers family. Considered Philly’s next championship contender, Kur bulldozes through beats with brash intensity and combustible cadences. Right now, Kur is gearing up to unveil more music very soon! Stay tuned for an official project in the upcoming months and a hometown performance at the Roots Picnic on June 4, 2022.

“Road To Riches” single

Kur - “Road To Riches” song cover art

“I text my grannie, ‘I love you,’ and she ain’t respond. Ain’t process she really died. I’m off the Brandy, I’m floating. That’s me on the drive, I lost the key to the ride. Jeans was seven but these shadows cost about five. Jus’ got my goose out the dryers. B*tches they in my DM and saying go live 79, we love ya vibe. How many b*tches I f***ed that was dimes? Ain’t too many b*tches I cuffed that was mine. Ni^^as keep trusting these b*tches get lined. Chrome heart hoodie pull over I’m calm.” – lyrics

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