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Kranium releases a lyric video for his “Gal Policy (Soul Survivor Riddim)” single

Kranium is a Jamaican-born singer-songwriter based in Queens, New York. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his “Gal Policy (Soul Survivor Riddim)” single.

Kranium – “Gal Policy (Soul Survivor Riddim)” lyric video

“No gal me f**k can’t start no drama. Me mek me gal beat her pon a corner. Every mistress know them policy. After 9 O’clock she can’t call me. After me no idiot, after me no idiot, yeah. She better know seh, after certain time don’t contact me, yeah.” – lyrics

‘Gal Policy’ is another staple in Kranium’s catalog. Since hitting the airwaves, the rhythmic tune has become the sound of summer 2020. So far, the lyric video for “Gal Policy” has accumulated over 14 million views online via YouTube. Also, the song has charted Top 20 in over 20 different islands on iTunes, hit #1 on the Shazam charts (NY), and is currently trending on charts in the U.K.

“Gal Policy (Soul Survivor Riddim)” single

Kranium - “Gal Policy (Soul Survivor Riddim)” cover

‘Gal Policy’ is part of a compilation/riddim produced by Jahvy Ambassador. The likable tune finds Kranium laying down some necessary ground rules for the women (concubines) in his life. Also, the song possesses an enticing interlude. Furthermore, “Gal Policy” contains a relatable storyline, harmonious vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the song possesses rhythmic instrumentation scented with contemporary reggae and modern dancehall music.

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