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Kevin George releases a lovely debut album, entitled, “My Darlings a Demon”

Kevin George is a multi-genre singer-songwriter and producer. Not too long ago, he released a lovely debut album, entitled, “My Darlings a Demon”, via Young Forever/Island Records.

The ear-welcoming 14-track project contains themes of betrayal, juxtaposition, and dishonor in love.  

Also, it features George’s previously released singles, entitled, “Switch Up”, “Sweet Darling”, “Last Night I Lost Reason”, and “Lay It On Me”.

Kevin George – “My Darlings a Demon” album

Kevin George – “My Darling's a Demon artwork

“My creative process was very different this time around. We rented a house and completed the bulk of the project there. It was dark, cold, and empty. I escaped from any and all distractions from the outside world and went into deep creative space.” – Kevin GeorgeFor this project, George went far beyond his creative comfort zone.

For the first time, Kevin George found himself recording and writing outside his bedroom as he collaborated with other producers and musicians.

“My Darlings a Demon” album 

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“‘Lay It On Me’ comes at the part of the album where you’re confused and find yourself questioning someone’s loyalty. ‘Last Night I Lost Reason’ comes towards the end of the album. It’s a turning point for my ego and it represents regaining your confidence after it’s been stripped away. No more doubt, no more love.” – Kevin George

Kevin George has succeeded in melding dark-toned R&B with hip-pop and left-field pop elements.

The young entertainer cites inspirations from Prince to Tame Impala and The Weeknd.

Prior to his arrival at Island Records, he amassed millions of global artist streams, thanks to his “High Like This” and “My Crew” singles, and “LOVELAND” & “FORTINA” EPs.

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