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Katie Kittermaster releases a sentimental pop tune, entitled, “She Should Be Here”

Katie Kittermaster is a rising singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, she released a sentimental pop tune, entitled, “She Should Be Here.”

Katie Kittermaster – “She Should Be Here” single

“I put my favorite dress on, I should be doing her makeup, but she’s nowhere to be seen. We’re all going out tonight, I’ve told the girls I’ll be fine, but we all know what that means. When I get a little drunk, I’ll sing our song at the top of my lungs and I won’t tell anyone how much it’s killing me. She should be here with us at this party, doing shots at the bar. Oh, here with me in the bathroom taking pictures that we’ll laugh at in the morning.” – lyrics

‘She Should Be Here’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who wants to call her former friend to come over and party with her. Apparently, she’s with a group of her friends, and someone outside her crew is sporting the same top that her former friend once wore, and ordering the same drink her former friend used to order. At that moment, the woman tells one of her partying friends, “She should be here sharing these cheesy chips. She should be here paying 50-50 for this taxi home. Oh, I just wanna phone her ’cause she should be here but she’s nowhere to be seen.”

‘She Should Be Here’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Maisie Peters, Holly Humberstone, and Mimi Webb. The emotional tune possesses moody instrumentation bursting with a moderate electro-pop vibration. Furthermore, “She Should Be Here” follows on the heels of Katie Kittermaster’s previously released single, entitled, “Good Liars,” another heartfelt track about breaking up.

“How am I supposed to move on when I see her in everyone.”

Katie Kittermaster press photo

“I wrote ‘She Should Be Here’ during lockdown by myself. It was a song I’d been wanting to write for a while but hadn’t found the time while away on tour. The song follows the story of a group of girls on a night out – getting ready to go, at the bar, in the bathroom, at the kebab shop, and waiting at the taxi rank for a ride home. For me, this song is super personal and it was definitely a cathartic experience. It perfectly captures how I’ve felt about a particular friend who I had fallen out with and missed very-very much.” – Katie Kittermaster explained

Katie Kittermaster’s vocals are haunting, emotive, and distinctive. Her writing is based on relationships, which resonates well with her target listeners. In a nutshell, she doesn’t write happy songs. She’s funny, quirky, and her stories are popular with her audience. Since the outbreak of Covid, she has supported Kaiser Chiefs, Olly Murs, Scouting For Girls, Since September, and Gabrielle.

“Oh, she’s everywhere.”

Katie Kittermaster - “She Should Be Here” song cover art

Friend: Just keep your head up, keep doing what you do.

Another friend: I bet she probably misses you too.

Katie: I doubt that. Well, if she does, she knows where I am. And she would be here with us at this party doing shots at the bar.

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