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KAIRO releases an entertaining video for their brand-new single, entitled, “Over”

KAIRO is a Nigerian-born, Houston-raised duo comprised of identical twin brothers, Ej and Ak. Not too long ago, they released an entertaining video for their brand-new single, titled, “Over.”

KAIRO – “Over” music video

“We hope ‘Over’ gives our fans a glimpse of what this next era of KAIRO is all about. Our upcoming EP, ‘Return To Sender,’ picks up where we left off with our first EP, ‘Love Letters from Houston,’ which was more acoustic-based. We’ve turned up the energy, elevated the production, and you know we had to stack the harmonies even more, too!” – KAIRO stated

‘Over’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young guy who questions why he hasn’t gotten over his significant other. Apparently, they haven’t been on good terms lately, and he isn’t feeling that. With a broken heart, he tells his partner, “You said you love me, then walked out the door. I’m chasing the memories, tell me why I’m not over you.”

‘Over’ contains a problematic relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and catchy melodies that will resonate well with listeners trying to move on from a failed relationship. The touching tune possesses funky guitar and drum-laden instrumentation flavored with a contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Over” is the first installment from KAIRO’s forthcoming EP, entitled, “Return To Sender,” available in fall 2022. Also, the song follows softly on the heels of their debut EP, “Love Letters From Houston.”

“Tell me how you’re moving on?”

KAIRO - “Over” cover art

Having amassed a global fanbase of one million followers on TikTok, KAIRO originally burst onto the scene as Coverboys. The duo is currently living out their lifelong dreams having arrived in the U.S., on lottery visas with their family, and settling in Houston, Texas when they were young. To date, they have received impressive tastemaker support that includes SiriusXM’s Coffee House, where it reached the Top 10 alongside Harry Styles and Omar Apollo, the covers of Spotify’s Fresh Finds Pop and TIDAL’s Rising Pop, and Zane Lowe, who cited that Lizzo and Cautious Clay are fans of the duo.

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