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KAIRO releases an appealing music video for their sensational new single, entitled, “Can You Love Me Tonight?”

KAIRO is a Nigerian-born, Houston-raised duo comprised of identical twin brothers, Ej and Ak. Not too long ago, they released an appealing music video for their sensational new single, entitled, “Can You Love Me Tonight?

KAIRO – “Can You Love Me Tonight?” music video

“The mood isn’t right when you’re too far, maybe I’m making things too hard. Tell me that everything’s alright. Can you love me tonight, can you love me tonight? I can stand here all around the world, my pleasure, I ain’t got my eyes on other girls. You told me, ‘Be a better man,’ I’m tired of playing pretend. I didn’t listen, now I’m wishing for a second chance. Hit you up last night, something was different, didn’t feel too right.” – lyrics

‘Can You Love Me Tonight?’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young guy who wants to know if everything is alright between him and his ex-significant other. Apparently, the moon is out and the sun doesn’t shine when she isn’t around. Therefore, he wants to know if it’s possible that they can be an item again. Later, he tells his ex, “You say I never see your point of view, but every time you say it, I’m confused. Tried to communicate, but I guess I feel it changed, and now I’m blocked by your friends.”

“Can You Love Me Tonight?” contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The likable tune possesses thudding drums, funky guitar, and groovy-bass-laden instrumentation flavored with a contemporary pop vibration and R&B undertones. Furthermore, “Can You Love Me Tonight?” is featured on KAIRO’s intricately crafted debut EP, entitled, “Love Letters From Houston.” The five-track project features the previously released singles, “Anymore Anyway,” “Someone Like You,” and “Love On TV.”

“The sun doesn’t shine when you’re not here?”

KAIRO press photo
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“We have been creating and surrounded by music since we were little kids. Whether it was singing in our father’s church, battling on the stage of our school’s talent shows, or posting covers of other artists’ original work, the love for music has always been there.” – KAIRO stated

Having amassed a global fanbase of over one million followers on TikTok, KAIRO originally burst onto the scene as Coverboys. The duo is currently living out their lifelong dreams having arrived in the U.S. on lottery visas with their family, and settling in Houston, Texas when they were young. Not too long ago, they performed their debut show in their hometown at White Oak Music Hall.

To date, KAIRO’s music has received sought-after playlist support across DSPs including Spotify (NMF, Indie Pop, Fresh Finds Pop, Young & Free), Amazon Music (Hot Singles, Brand New Music), Apple Music (New In Pop, Pop Chill), Deezer (Chill Pop), Tidal (Rising Pop, Pop Somber), and VEVO (Incoming Pop, Teen R&B). Also, their “Someone Like You” single is currently receiving spins on SiriusXM’s Coffee House.

KAIRO – “Love Letters From Houston” EP

KAIRO - “Love Letters From Houston” EP cover

“After two years of writing between Houston and Los Angeles, we are so excited to finally share our debut EP, ‘Love Letters From Houston.’ We are so grateful to have reached this moment as it’s the realization of a lifelong dream we’ve had since arriving in the U.S. from Nigeria after winning a visa lottery. We did not have many artists in pop that looked like us growing up so for us to even be in this position — to share our story, our music, and to be able to show others what’s possible — is so wild to us!” – KAIRO stated

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