Justin Love & GASHI - “Get Out” press photo cropped

Justin Love & GASHI release a music video for their “Get Out” single

Justin Love is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and producer from Cliffside Park, New Jersey. GASHI is an African-born artist based in New York. Not too long ago, they released a music video for their “Get Out” single.

Justin Love & GASHI – “Get Out” music video

“I always strive to act as a role model for the younger generation and show them what hard work looks like. This video is a glimpse through the eyes of a young me to what can be achieved through years of determination.” – Justin Love

The audiovisual finds Justin Love and GASHI embracing their carefree and hedonistic lifestyle, which suits the energy of the song. The party-friendly video is an amusing take on a classic hip-hop music video scene. It showcases fancy cars, a big mansion up in the hills, and a pool full of bikini-clad women. Also, Love and GASHI are mirrored by their mini-mes who get a glimpse into their futures, essentially living out every kid’s dream, and donning matching suits.

Justin Love & GASHI – “Get Out” single

Justin Love & GASHI - “Get Out” cover art

“This record and video are one of the greatest songs and videos I’ve ever been a part of and I’m very excited for the world to see this work of art.” – Gashi

‘Get Out’ has been one of Justin Love’s best-performing records to date. So far, the likable tune has racked up over 500k+ streams in a couple of weeks since its release.

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