KIDDO & GASHI illustration

KIDDO & GASHI releases a music video for their “Coming Down” single

KIDDO is a singer-songwriter from Scandinavia and GASHI is a Brooklyn-based tunesmith from Libya. Not too long ago, they released an animated music video for their “Coming Down” single.

KIDDO & GASHI –  “Coming Down”

“Mama, I think I’m coming down. There’s too much madness in this town. I know it’s messed up but it feels like I’m losing, feels like I’m losing my high. Mama, I think I’m coming down. Feeling real sick right now. Feeling low, I need a pogo stick right now.” – lyrics

‘Coming Down’ tells an interesting tale of a young guy and woman who don’t want to come down from their high state of mind. Apparently, there’s too much madness going on where they reside, therefore, they would rather stay high instead of having low energy.

‘Coming Down’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and melodic instrumentation flavored with a commercial pop aroma.

KIDDO & GASHI –  “Coming Down” single

KIDDO & GASHI - “Coming Down” artwork
The illustration was drawn by KIDDO

KIDDO barely reveals anything about her identity and exists purely as a comic figure within the realm of her musical visuals. GASHI spent most of his life as a refugee. He emerged into the spotlight after releasing his anthemic single, entitled, “Disrespectful”. So far, the bubbly tune has amassed over 150M streams online.

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