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JIM OUMA releases an urban-dancehall tune, entitled, “I Need Money,” featuring Marley Waters and LAUREN

JIM OUMA is a project created by the legendary hip-hop producers, Astma and Rocwell. Not too long ago, they released an urban-dancehall tune, entitled, “I Need Money,” featuring Marley Waters and LAUREN.

JIM OUMA – “I Need Money” single

‘I Need Money’ was born out of a phone call that JIM OUMA had with a Jamaican musician they’ve worked with. They offered him a royalty cut, but he politely said no thanks and wanted payment in cash. This conversation ended up as a sample in the song as well as giving it its name; of course with the musician’s approval. This is a real situation from a business where profitability is never guaranteed and when cash can fee a safer way of getting an income.

‘I Need Money’ contains a money-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocalization, and tuneful melodies. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with an urban contemporary dancehall vibe. Furthermore, “I Need Money” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from JIM OUMA, Marley Waters, and LAUREN in the near future.

“Cash rules everything around me, cream.”

JIM OUMA press photo

JIM OUMA has created songs for artists such as Tove Lo, Madonna, and Maroon 5. Also, they are known for their internationally successful band, NONONO, who reached Top 40 US charts with their hit single, “Pumpin Blood”. Furthermore, their debut single, “Beg”, was released in collaboration with Swedish soul/R&B artist Mapei and UK’s Chukki Starr. The follow-up tune, “Bang My Head”, released in collaboration with KIDDO, has accumulated almost five million streams online via Spotify alone.

“Getting to the coin like an arcade machine.”

JIM OUMA “I Need Money” song cover art

“I want that Balenciaga, that Fendi, that Prada. New money, new b*tch, yeah, that whip, that designer, Suerte mami, more sauce more flus. Muevete daddy, don’t stop, go loose. I’m going up, can you feel the love. I’m so happy and blessed, I’m feeling humble. Baby, not like the rest, and I ain’t mumble. Daydream, manifest that sh*t, ‘cause it can go. My favorite color green ni^^a what you thought. Bad b*tch on the scene, realest of them all. Now they switch ‘cause they jealous of a b*tch. Quiero mas dinero, so f*** it, I ain’t pissed no.” – lyrics

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