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Jasmine Thompson releases a music video for her “Love For The Lonely” single

Jasmine Thompson is a talented singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, the Atlantic recording artist released a music video for her “Love For The Lonely” single, produced by Ollie Green.

Jasmine Thompson – “Love For the Lonely” music video

“When we lie in bed with our eyes shut, body to body as we touch. You could be anyone, you could be somebody else. And when all the lights are turned down low, all you become is a shadow. And you could be anyone, you could be somebody else.” – lyrics

‘Love For the Lonely’ tells a heartfelt tale of a lonely young woman who shares a replaceable relationship with her significant other. Apparently, they only talk whenever her partner is wasted. Therefore, she’s complacent and feels numb to everything. Later, she admits that she says “I love you” because she loves the feeling of having someone around who can make her heartbeat.

Furthermore, “Love For The Lonely” finds Jasmine Thompson exploring the difficulty of sticking with a relationship for the right reasons, despite feeling self-destructive. Thompson (and her roommate) shot the do-it-yourself audiovisual in their London apartment with the remote help of director Jack Munsch.

“Love For the Lonely” single

Jasmine Thompson - “Love For the Lonely” cover

‘Love For The Lonely’ was written by Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt and produced by Ollie Green (Alex Newell, Freya Ridings). Moreover, the heartfelt tune contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, tuneful melodies. Also, the song possesses string-laden instrumentation decorated with a commercial pop aroma.

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