Hollow Da Don

Hollow Da Don inspires Baltimore residents through charitable acts

Hollow Da Don (Mr. Loopy) is a legendary battle rapper from Queens, New York. When he isn’t battling, he’s either operating his LOM Clothing store or inspiring others through charitable acts via LOM Help. On March 4-5, Hollow and his partner traveled to Baltimore, MD, where they handed out care packages to the homeless, and bought groceries or paid a bill for several less-fortunate families.

Hollow Da Don helps in Baltimore

During an interview with Angryfans Radio Show, Hollow Da Don discussed his recent LOM Help Drive in Baltimore, where other battle rappers such as Pat Stay and Chilla Jones came out to help.

When AngryFan (CAPS) asked him, “What makes you give back to the people?” Hollow replied:

“I’m in the position to (help). I would’ve done it if I wasn’t in position. It doesn’t take a lot of money. I spent like $650-$700 max to do the Baltimore (food and necessity drive) because I had to travel and get a hotel. Anybody listening right now could go to Walgreens or Sam’s Club, or any wholesaler. Get some toothbrushes, deodorants, granola bars, any necessities. Grab some zip-lock bags and make little assortment of things. Throw it in there and give out about 10-15. It’ll probably take an hour or two out your time and maybe like a good $60.”

Hollow Da Don

That would be enough for the average person. But Hollow isn’t satisfied with being average. On top of giving out a few necessities, he goes another mile and gives pizza, soft drinks, etc.

“I like to do more. But you can just start basic and do like a package with socks, toothbrush, deodorant, granola bar, and water. That will make a lot of people’s day. $5 from us could go a long way to someone who has nothing.”

Hollow fired back at pessimistic people for putting doubt in optimistic people’s mind, trying to discourage them from giving. Their argument is, the homeless are probably on drugs and alcohol. They’re probably making $500 a day panhandling.

I’m all about helping the human race period. The ultimate race is the human race.

“The way people get stereotyped on television, we do the same sh*t to homeless people. We judge them for the few homeless people that’s getting over and hustling. They might be on drugs? Even if it’s half of them, that don’t mean they should stop you from doing what you want to do. That’s what I’m big on—never letting nothing dictate my actions. If I wanna help, I don’t care if you’re getting high or whatever you’re doing. You’re messing up your own life. I came out here to help and spread some love.”

Hollow Da Don

Hollow Da Don

Hollow explained how he used to complain about life. Expecting others to do for him. But he grew up and transferred his negative mentality into a positive one.

Just because you meet JAY-Z tomorrow, don’t mean he’s gonna change your life. You have to change your own life.

“I just hopped off the complaint train, jumped on the happy train, and made a transfer because I used to complain when I was dealing with Drake. I expected him to do something for me. As another grown man, which was completely wrong. He didn’t owe be anything. Just because someone is in the position to help, don’t mean they have to help. I was immature and I used to think I was owed something. Until I realized you have to get out there and make sh*t happen. Ain’t nothing gon’ come to you.”

Hollow Da Don is set to battle Tay Roc on Sept. 10, during URL’s Summer Madness 6 event at Irving Plaza. Hollow is favored to win, but it won’t be easy.

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