Heir - “Hotel Sleep Well” press photo
Photo by Joe Collinson

Heir releases an appealing music video for their “Hotel Sleep Well” single

Heir is a talented quintet that originated from five different corners of the UK. Not too long ago, they released an appealing music video for their “Hotel Sleep Well” single, directed by Lewis Dodds. The comedic and unsettling video finds the band combining character and craft with charming success.

Heir – “Hotel Sleep Well” music video

“I like to wake up early, make sure that I am. Never in a hurry, got to have it all planned. Maybe it’s a London thing to forget about sleeping. I know that I – I don’t need to worry – the things I never think about. You’ve been wasting your time thinking you are living your best life. You’ll find nowhere to hide at the Hotel Sleep Well.” – lyrics

‘Hotel Sleep Well’ is the moment when your head hits the pillow after another day in the game of life. Cue the doubts and worries that your busy day didn’t have time for and brace yourself for another episode of self-reflection.

‘Hotel Sleep Well’ contains exquisite character-based storytelling, ear-pleasing vocals, and harmony-driven melodies. The groovy, hip-shaking tune possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative, new wave, and ‘80s-inspired pop elements. Furthermore, “Hotel Sleep Well” follows on the heels of a string of sold-out UK shows by Heir. On Friday, December 10, 2021, tickets for their next headline tour will be going on sale.

“You’ve been wasting your time thinking you are living your best life.”

Heir - “Hotel Sleep Well” press photo
Photo by Joe Collinson

“We wanted to sing a song for the voice of truth that can often get squeezed out of the day by personalized adverts and 100mph lifestyles. This voice can sometimes be the scariest voice but when it starts becoming the director of your dreams, then you know it’s probably something worth listening to. I guess the reason we’re particularly proud of this one is that what you hear and see is pretty much what we heard and saw on the day it was born. We continually referenced the feelings we had on the day of writing to inform our creative decisions. I think this helped to preserve the song’s energy as it traveled across the long and challenging roads of production and presentation.” – stated keyboard player, Sam Perry

Heir met at university and quickly bonded over a passion for honest and irresistible pop music. Songwriters—Tom Hammond (lead vocals/guitar), Ste Fisher (lead guitar/vocals), and Sam Luca (keys/vocals) cite artists such as Prince, Paul Simon, and Billy Joel as early influences. The musical backdrop fuels the trio’s search for the bittersweet spot in every story. Alongside—Harry Vernon (bass) and Samuel Newham (drums)—the music becomes kaleidoscopic as groove, rhythm, and musical hooks pop out of every opening.

Not too long ago, Heir released their debut single, which has hit viral streaming figures. Since then, the band has capitalized on stellar songwriting and an infectious live show to sell out gigs around the country. Also, they have secured slots at festivals such as Reading and Leeds, recorded at Abbey Road Studios with Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie), and set up their own collaborative arts night in their hometown of Leeds.

“Hotel Sleep Well” single

Heir - “Hotel Sleep Well” song cover art

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