Gordo and Maluma - “Parcera” cover photo

Gordo and Maluma released an official music video for their brand-new, highly anticipated Latin-house single, “Parcera”

Gordo (@gordoszn) is better known to those in the house music world as DJ Mag’s #25 Top 100 DJ or Billboard’s #1 producer. Maluma (@maluma) is one of the world’s most iconic Latin music artists, a bona fide global idol, multi-Platinum Grammy artist, fashion icon, and actor. Not too long ago, they released an official music video for their brand-new, highly anticipated Latin-house single, “Parcera,” which bridges cultures between house and Latin music. The release emerges after amassing over 50 million views on their debut performance of the new record at Tomorrowland.

Gordo & Maluma – “Parcera” music video

‘Parcera’ is a testament to Gordo’s and Maluma’s unwavering passion for pushing musical boundaries and bringing cultures together. Their collaboration is set to leave a lasting impact on the global music scene with so much buzz pre-release the track is well on its way to becoming a certified summer smash.

Following its release last Friday, “Parcera” has been taking over the world as it fuses Latin and house music. With nearly one million streams across all platforms, nearly a quarter million views on the music video which addresses the collaboration’s haters, and a Times Square takeover, “Parcera” is nothing short of an international statement.


Gordo and Maluma perform “Parcera” at Tomorrowland

“Maluma and I have been sitting on ‘Parcera’ for a while now, trying to find the right time to release it, and the time is now. A lot of people don’t know that Maluma and I have only been boys for a few years but the music we make together is so next level. He’s an artist that believes in his culture, his community, and his craft. Bringing him into this electronic world and the culture we have is something I take a lot of pride in.” – Gordo stated

Gordo has gained worldwide recognition for his unique sound that seamlessly combines his Latin roots with his passion for house music. Following his previous success with “Hombres y Mujeres,” a collaboration with Colombian superstar FEID, Gordo continues to push boundaries and unite influences from his roots across dance, hip-hop, and Latin music genres, now teaming up with Maluma.

After the retirement of Carnage over a year ago, Diamante Blackmon has quickly established the Gordo alias as a prominent figure in the music industry. He has not only solidified his presence in the underground dance music scene but has also acted as a bridge for artists like FEID, El Alfa, Nicki Minaj, Maluma, and Drake, producing over half of the “Honestly, Nevermind” album for the latter.


Gordo and Maluma perform “Parcera” at Tomorrowland

With “Parcera,” Maluma looks to expand into even more territories, building on his unparalleled success in record sales and sold-out tours everywhere from the United States to Latin America, the Middle East, and most recently, Europe.

Maluma delighted fans with a surprise stop at Tomorrowland before heading home from his Don Juan European Summer tour. After months of teasing the record on social media, Maluma joined his longtime friend and collaborator, Gordo, on the mainstage for a special premiere performance on July 22nd. While at the festival, the duo also shot parts of the music video for the highly anticipated record, which was released on YouTube shortly after.

Gordo & Maluma – “Parcera” single

Gordo x Maluma - Parcera cover art

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