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GiGi Cesarè releases a music video for her “Obsessed” single

GiGi Cesarè is a Vegas-based singer, award-winning actress, and social media influencer from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Obsessed” single.

GiGi Cesarè – “Obsessed” music video

“I think you’re obsessed with me, I can’t blame you, no. Jealous when their eyes on me, you don’t like that, no. You seemed alright, we only met that night. Partied on the east side, high on life, yeah. There’s somethin’ goin’ on. Call me in the morning, call me in the evening. Say you wanna talk to me for no reason. I know what’s goin’ on. I think you’re obsessed with me.” – lyrics

‘Obsessed’ tells an interesting tale of a young woman who finds herself in a problematic relationship with her significant other.

Apparently, her partner’s insane crush on her has evolved into a jealous obsession. Even though they fight and makeup, kiss and break up, she understands why.

‘Obsessed’ was created in collaboration with Alicia Madison (singer-songwriter) and Anthony Mirabella (producer). Also, with David Wept (video director), who has previously worked with Denzel Curry, G-Eazy, and 6LACK.

GiGi Cesarè – “Obsessed” single

GiGi Cesarè - “Obsessed” cover

“‘Obsessed’ is loosely based on my first teenage romance with someone who didn’t want to cut ties. The song talks about someone forming an unrealistic attachment to a person’s social media presence. Also, the darker side of what that can look like in teenage terms.” – GiGi Cesarè

GiGi Cesarè’s musical influences include Fergie, Nicki Minaj, and Demi Lovato.

She is currently working on two upcoming singles with The Martianz (Cardi B, Chris Brown).

Also, to support her “Obsessed” single, she is scheduled to take part in the Boys of Summer Tour, alongside fellow teen stars Zoe Laverne and Brandon Rowland.

GiGi Cesarè

GiGi Cesarè press photo
California dreaming on #venicebeach #styled by @howardveronika #hmua @coconicole.artistry + shot by @adamhendershott

GiGi Cesarè has had starring roles in movies and TV shows including Street (2015) and Amish Haunting (2014).

For The Kids From 62F (2016), she received an unprecedented nomination at the Imagen Awards for Best Actress in a Feature Film. Also, she competed against fellow nominees Salma Hayek and Eva Longoria.

Today, GiGi continues her acting career with principal roles in two films currently in post-production, the dramatic-comedy Space Captain and Callista and Go with the Flow.

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