CRZY - “Wanted” cover art

CRZY releases a dance-friendly R&B tune, entitled, “Wanted”, featuring Chris Brown

CRZY is an up-and-coming songwriter and producer with Dutch and Moroccan roots. Not too long ago, he released a dance-friendly R&B tune, entitled, “Wanted”, featuring Chris Brown.

CRZY – “Wanted” featuring Chris Brown

“Girl, I won’t tell a soul. Just promise me that you won’t break my heart. Just show me you love me. I know I’m no Casanova, but this bad boy still tryna figure out how she got me.” – lyrics

‘Wanted’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and dance-friendly instrumentation scented with an electro-R&B scent. The likable tune is CRZY first single release and it will also be featured on his upcoming debut EP, entitled, “Van Gogh”. The anticipated project is set to be released on August 2019. And it will feature Bizzey, WiFiFuneral, Jay Critch, Jonn Hart, Sxteen, and Trev Rich.

CRZY – “Wanted” featuring Chris Brown

CRZY - “Wanted” feat. Chris Brown + edited by Bong Mines Entertainment
Edited by Bong Mines Entertainment

This isn’t the first time that CRZY and Chris Brown have worked on a project together. In 2013, CRZY wrote “As Your Friend” by Afrojack featuring Brown. The song hit #1 on Billboard US Dance and was in the Mainstream Top 40. Shortly afterward, Brown promised CRZY that he would return the favor for the 2013 song. This year, CRZY had a beat that he believed would be perfect for Brown, and true to his word…Chris got on the track.

CRZY – “Wanted” featuring Chris Brown

CRZY - “Wanted” cover art cropped

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