Denzel Curry - "Goodnight" music video

Denzel Curry releases sunny visuals for “Good Night” ft. Twelve’Len & Nell

Denzel Curry is a rapper from Carole City, Florida. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Good Night” single.

Denzel Curry – “Good Night” music video

“It’s ironic how it’s crabs in the bucket but I’m coming from the sea. Snapping at me, the poetry, dead on the street ’cause they lost in hate. Jit wanna get his stripes, eat some Frosted Flakes. Off to say communities we have no place. Even though the real victim is who caught the case. My Golden State all about the green, Draymond. Stay away from being a convict, Akon. Come to Carol City where the fun don’t end. Till a ni^^a get to dumping like an ex-girlfriend.” – lyrics

The David Wept-directed video shows a young boy daydreaming in a field, embedded with beautiful sunflowers. Also, the audiovisual finds Denzel Curry rapping at an urban gathering with friends and family members. Furthermore, “Good Night” is featured on Curry’s “Imperial” album.

“Imperial album” album

Denzel Curry Imperial album cover art

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