Gallant drops a tasty r&b tune, entitled, “Haha No One Can Hear You!”

Gallant is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released “Haha No One Can Hear You!”, a single from his two-track extended play, entitled, “This Song Does Not Fit”.

Gallant – “Haha No One Can Hear You!”

“Thorns in your back ’cause you tried to grab one.  For yourself ’cause you can’t help it. Know what it takes to live like the fast ones. So you try, ’cause you can’t help it. All of your friends say, ‘Don’t be the sad one’. Lighten up, but you can’t help it. Know what it takes to live like the fast ones. So you try, ’cause you can’t help it.” – lyrics

‘Haha No One Can Hear You!’ tells the tale of a withdrawn individual who tries to adjust to a fast-paced social environment. But fitting in isn’t necessarily what he or she wants to do. However, peer pressure encourages them to do so.

Answering from padded rooms with golden metal suggests some form of insanity and emotional imprisonment. Also, the fact that he or she sleeps on rose petals but has thorns in their back suggest a sweet-smelling but prickly situation that needs to be overcome. Probably, “fitting-in” is the thorn in their side, or back.

The song contains a reality-based storyline, meshed with charming soul vocals, and groovy instrumentation embedded with an infectious bass.  

In conclusion, Gallant is a talented singer, one to watch out for in 2018 and beyond. Therefore, we recommend adding his  “Haha No One Can Her You!” single to your personal playlist.   

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