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Fí releases a refreshing electro-pop tune, entitled, “Feel Better”

is a Dublin-based singer-songwriter from Mullingar, Ireland. Not too long ago, she released a refreshing electro-pop tune, entitled, “Feel Better”.

Fí – “Feel Better”

“We can get so caught up in self-comparison. Chasing numbers and ideals in life that we forget the things that are real and important. We use measures to escape reality, whether that be music, alcohol. Whatever we need to distract ourselves to make us feel ‘a little better’.” – Fí

‘Feel Better’ contains a relatable storyline, charming pop vocals, and spunky instrumentation bursting with festive dance energy.

Fí – “Feel Better”

Fí - “Feel Better” artwork

“‘Feel Better’ is a dark, self-deprecating song about attempting to escape reality in order to feel good about yourself. I wanted to create a visual scene about finding a way to dissolve pain temporarily. I had the lyrics written and concept about really not feeling myself early in the year. And I brought it into the session with Esjay and Shayan. It was written recorded and produced in a day.” – Fí

Not too long ago, Fí booked an impulsive one-way solo flight to Los Angeles, California. She stayed there for six weeks, and during that time, she worked with some amazing artists and producers.

Fí press photo
Photo by @auhra

Fí recorded her “Feel Better” single with Shayan Amiri and co-wrote it with Esjay Jones (Nile Rogers, Justin Tranter, Sean Kingston). The producers she worked with include Stefan Litrownik (One Direction, Andy Grammar) and Heidi Rojas (Sam Feldt, Little Mix, Cheryl Cole). She is influenced by other pop artists such as Dua Lipa, Halsey, Tove Styrke, SHY Martin, and Tove Lo.

We recommend adding Fí’s “Feel Better” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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