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Estella Dawn releases a lovely electro-pop single, entitled, “Cotton Candy”

Estella Dawn is a San Diego-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand. Not too long ago, she released a lovely electro-pop single, titled, “Cotton Candy.”

Estella Dawn – “Cotton Candy” single

‘Cotton Candy’ lights up another creative edge of the limitless Estella Dawn style. An infectious ode to toxic desire, “Cotton Candy” exudes summer-ready, floor-filler vibes, raising the mood while reflecting on the intricacies of attraction in a relatable way. Bringing together hints of smooth R&B, upbeat EDM, and catchy pop, “Cotton Candy” stands tall on the strength of its familiarity and the simultaneous impact of an ever-skillful and versatile guiding voice. “There are nine rings in hell, and I walked willingly through your inferno.”

Subtle hints of funky guitar and dreamy synth unite for a classic dance vibe that’s both euphoric and intimate, delving into the topic of lust with equal parts precision and heart. Also, “Cotton Candy” features a passionate ad-lib of vocal fluidity for the middle-8, and employs worthy contrast between the infatuation and longing of the lyrics with sheer energy. The song is both a recognizable pop contender and a distinct example of the now renowned and relentlessly engaging Estella Dawn sound.

“Out of control, I know you’re no good for me, no, but I la-la-la like it.”

Estella Dawn press photo

“This song is about the ‘situationship’ you know you ought to quit but won’t. Life’s too short to be healthy ALL the time.” – Estella Dawn explained

Since hitting the scene with a bang during a globally tumultuous 2020, Estella has shown no signs of slowing down. The year of isolation permitted the time and focus to capture the heart of her sound and to master the skills required to bring it to life. Ten original singles emerged that year, with six weeks between each: an increasingly dedicated audience steadily expanding in the process. Estella’s freedom as a performer, and undeniable maturity and confidence as a songwriter, come together in a way that connects on a newly relatable level.

In recent months, Estella continues her success with a fine balance of talent, professionalism, and unwavering love for the process. Her “Cotton Candy” single contributes vital energy to her positive momentum and it will reverberate well with fans of Becky Hill, Mabel, and Tove Lo. The song follows mildly on the heels of Estella’s previously released single, “Not a Problem.”

Estella Dawn – “Cotton Candy” single

Estella Dawn - “Cotton Candy” cover art

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