Estella Dawn - “Not a Problem” press photo

Estella Dawn releases an appealing lyric video for her “Not a Problem” single

Estella Dawn is a US-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand. Not too long ago, she released an appealing lyric video for her compelling new single, titled, “Not a Problem.”

Estella Dawn – “Not a Problem” lyric video

“Stomping in my docs, yelling at the sky. I fall to the pavement; she catches me every time. And they say I’m the lucky one, turning chaos into art. Well, if my life’s gasoline, I’ll entertain you with a spark. Stomping in my docs yelling at the sky, but I think I’m becoming my father. Got a little too drunk, and danced around the room to ‘Hallelujah.’ I was naked smoking on the roof, but what’s it to yah?” – lyrics

Openly balancing honesty and denial in a manner that grips, the deeply thoughtful “Not a Problem” highlights a finely-honed lyrical ability, loading up on wordplay and personal revelation in equal parts. The track slowly but surely envelops listeners, as the increasingly passionate arrangement gathers un-ignorable momentum.

Estella’s fusion of professionalism and passion is second to none and cuts through the noise with a little more intensity each time. As such, “Not a Problem” captivates for its poetic depth and heartfelt reality in a completely unrivaled manner. Furthermore, the song follows a series of notable releases from Estella including her “Cringe” single.

“I’m sick of saying sorry, is that why you stopped calling?”

Estella Dawn press photo

“I’ve been using sex just to feel a little present, but it’s kind of like the drugs. If I wanted, I could quit it ‘cause you know it ain’t a problem. I’m not a problem. I pull lies around my waist tight just like a corset. The smile that sits below my cheeks looks good, yeah? I rehearsed it, people come and go. I tend to wear ‘em like a necklace, everybody’s got their purpose.” – lyrics

Delving into personal turmoil with a relatable air of longing, “Not a Problem” skillfully walks the line between admitting weakness and over-indulging in the comfort of ignorance as bliss. It’s unexpectedly familiar, this need for connection and the juxtaposed desire to never be a burden. Estella has accessed that by way of an achingly beautiful melody; performed with a sublime fusion of confidence and longing. This display of raw and conflicting emotions is powerful and has been captured with the sort of authenticity and soul that’s unmistakable as Estella.

Offering an enchanting combination of melodic resolve and brief lyrical torment, “Not a Problem” relays a wish to understand the human journey, yet also partially acknowledges the bridges burned along the way.

“No matter what I say, I’m always disappointing.”

Estella Dawn - “Not a Problem” press photo

“You shake my shoulders, say if I tried. I could rewrite the darkness that came through my family line, but the truth is, I find comfort with the shadows in the room. And the monster in the corner ain’t as scary when it’s you. Think I’m becoming my father. Got a little too drunk, landed in a ditch just like a feather. I might of said some sh*t that cut you deep, I won’t remember.” – lyrics

Promising a seductive groove and unforgettable hook, with lyrics that scream out on behalf of self-destruction and dismissal all at once, “Not a Problem” shifts the narrative entirely. The song connects for its breadth of understanding and outright tenacity in one smooth yet striking advance and demonstrates once again that Estella Dawn is precisely what modern pop music needs right now.

Estella Dawn – “Not a Problem” single

Estella Dawn - “Not a Problem” cover

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