Estella Dawn - “If You Were In Love” press photo

Discover Estella Dawn’s New Emotive Pop Song, “If You Were in Love”

Estella Dawn (@estelladawnmusic) is a rising San Diego-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand. Perfectly executing the intense highs and painfully poignant lows of a true artistic career, Estella brazenly strips away the dance detail and confidence, with the striking vulnerability of the piano-led and deeply evocative single, “If You Were In Love,” via Purplestar Records.

Estella Dawn – “If You Were In Love” lyric video

“I wanna give you permanence like the ink on your skin. Commitment don’t scare you unless it’s me. I’m sweating through the bedsheets; I woke up on your side again. I hate this water running down my cheeks, don’t you see that I don’t wanna change. I’ve seen the very worst of you and I’m still here. And, oh my god, I wish that were enough.” – lyrics

Built around a poetic depiction of intimate scenes and self-reflection, “If You Were in Love” speaks with fearless reality on the devastating ache of unrequited connection. The soundscape gathers divinely subtle momentum, as the lyrics tumble further into the depths of realism. Estella Dawn sings passionately, “If you were in love would’ve said it by now. The more that I hold on the more you hold out. Why am I trying to convince you, you want me around? I don’t recognize myself now.”

Though long-time fans adore the powerful anthems and creative performances of her music, the sheer simplicity, stripped-back honesty, and raw emotional grit of “If You Were in Love” is set to ignite a whole new level of unbreakable soulful connection.

“My mind is swimming through the darkest of waters.”

Estella Dawn - “If You Were In Love” press photo

Estella Dawn’s voice in unison reaches heart-breaking peaks, as the desperation and longing of the hook hammers down with unrelenting ferocity. Renowned across the indie realm for her unmistakable vocal power, as well as the unrivaled precision and versatility of her writing and production, Estella has been nothing short of an awe-inspiring trailblazer throughout the past two years.

Estella Dawn - “If You Were In Love” press photo

Launching single after single and with videos to match, forever redirecting fans with some new topic or style–uniting hip-hop, R&B, Pop, dance, and folk across a limitless tapestry of creative design, Estella’s reputation now securely precedes her.

Noting similarities to the artistic versatility of Olivia Rodrigo, Benson Boone, Lady Gaga, and Lewis Capaldi, along with millions of streams across dozens of original tracks, Estella Dawn is an indie force to be reckoned with.

Estella Dawn – “If You Were In Love” single

Estella Dawn - “If You Were In Love” cover art

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