Emotional Oranges

Emotional Oranges releases a bubbly tune, entitled, “Personal”

Emotional Oranges is an alternative-pop duo based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released a bubbly tune, entitled, “Personal”.

Emotional Oranges – “Personal”

“Better make it up tonight. You better do all the things I like. Wine and dine me right. I’m saying, oh, alright. I deserve what I like. I don’t really care how much it cost just come and break me off.”

“Personal” is a bubbly tune scented with a feel-good vibe. It contains gorgeous instrumentation, sultry vocals, and attractive melodies. Also, it’s the follow-up single to the duo’s hypnotic debut single, entitled, “Motion”.

Emotional Oranges – “Motion”

“If you wanted to we can up and leave here. ‘Cause I still want to get inside your mind. I needed someone who makes me feel. I’m craving something different. Someone new and I don’t want to talk. Babe, don’t think too much. Just light that. And we can ride, through the night. I’ve been waiting for some motion. I know you got, what I like. I’ve been waiting for somebody like you.”

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The retro video begins with the artist wearing a pink afro-puff hairdo with a glittery outfit and shiny white leather boots. She’s lonely and yearns for someone to do more than dance with her.

In conclusion, Emotional Oranges is a talented outfit that you should keep an ear out for. Also, we recommend adding their “Personal” and “Motion” singles to your personal playlist.

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