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Emotional Oranges releases a chill-pop tune, entitled, “Corners of My Mind”

Emotional Oranges is a rising LA-based duo. Not too long ago, they released a chill-pop tune, entitled, “Corners of My Mind”.

Emotional Oranges – “Corners of My Mind”

“Thought you’d have my baby. Let me down, I never could fathom. Told me you were ready, rearranged my life just to fight for you. Tell me why should I change for you? Opened it up, gave you my all. It always seemed like it wasn’t enough. I tried to forget, peace and reset, but I can’t forgive no more.” – lyrics

‘Corners of My Mind’ tells a bittersweet tale about loss, heartache, and transcending the pain of losing a relationship love.

The chill tune is the arm around your shoulder, the concerned text from an old friend, and a beautiful message from Emotional Oranges.

Also, it contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and vibey instrumentation which opens with opaque guitar lines, finger clicks, and phantom harmonies.

Emotional Oranges – “Corners of My Mind”

Emotional Oranges – “Corners of My Mind” banner

“We watched a close friend go through an awful heartbreak recently. This song was birthed by us attempting to reflect on how we would have reacted had it happened to us. The irony is as he was losing love, one of us was finding new love. It made the whole process of writing it all quite painful.” – Emotional Oranges

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After witnessing their friend go through a difficult breakup, Emotional Oranges knew they just couldn’t sit back and let it all roll past.

Therefore, they entered the studio and recorded “Corners in My Mind”, which captures their friend’s pain and emotions.  

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