Emily James – “the list” press photo by Tae Kwon Photography
Tae Kwon Photography

Emily James unveils an appealing music video for her indie-pop single, entitled, “the list”

Emily James is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her indie-pop single, entitled, “the list.”

Emily James – “the list” music video

“So while you go around so unaffected, I’m wondering how we got disconnected. I guess we were never on the same page at all. But I wasn’t lost ‘til I thought that I might be on your mind. And I shook you off, or so I thought. ‘Til your hand fell in with mine, and I swear I won’t cry in the silence you’re leaving. It’s not your fault I’m bleeding. I should’ve known better than ever to have let you. I won’t ask our friends about you, I’ll just talk in circles ‘round you. I know I’ll survive you out of my life, but I won’t laugh as loud without you.” – lyrics

‘the list’ tells a heartfelt tale about an emotionally damaged young woman who struggles to get over an individual from her not too distant past. Apparently, this individual left her heart bleeding and broken, and ever since then, she’s been trying to let go of the memories of them being together. Later, she admits it’s too difficult not to think about her ex, so she tries not to think too much.

“It’s not your fault I’m bleeding, I should’ve known better.”

Emily James – “the list” press photo by Tae Kwon Photography
Tae Kwon Photography

“Creating ‘the list’ was a therapeutic process for me. I wrote and produced it myself at a time when I was weighed down with a literal list of things I had to get off my mind. Sometimes we can’t bring ourselves to say everything that we wish we could say directly, and this song was my alternative. It was a little terrifying to unearth feelings I tried to hide and put them under a magnifying glass to stare at for a while. Ultimately, doing so gave me this song, and allowed me to resurface a little lighter.” – Emily James stated

‘the list’ contains a relationship-based narrative, tuneful melodies, and graceful vocals reminiscent of Kate Bush’s breathy falsetto. The bittersweet tune possesses piano-driven instrumentation flavored with a warm sentimental pop vibration. Furthermore, “the list” serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear on Emily James’s forthcoming EP, entitled, “Wanted You to Know, part i.”

“the list” single

Emily James – “the list” cover

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