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Ella Tiritiello releases a sensational pop single, entitled, “Again and Again”

Ella Tiritiello (@tiritielloella) is a rising 17-year-old singer from Kristianstad, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a sensational electro-pop single, titled, “Again and Again,” produced by Johan Lindbrandt (Kygo, Sam Feldt, Veronica Maggio), via WM Sweden.

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“I don’t know how to save ya, I know in the end I’ll be letting you down. No more than a stranger, I don’t see the signs in the palm of your hand. You’re my bad behavior, and every intention’s always a game. I know I’m no angel, but wherever I go you follow.” – lyrics

‘Again and Again’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who shares a problematic relationship with someone she labels as more than a stranger. “Don’t do me no favors, ’cause everyone I swallow,” she says nonchalantly. With no care in the world, she continues, “Different flavors, but they all end up tasting so bad. You’re good with the danger, I’m good at leaving when you need me around.”

‘Again and Again’ is a melancholic yet captivating gem that once again showcases Ella Tiritiello’s magical young, and at the same time, mature voice. Since her debut as a 13-year-old with Avicii’s “For A Better Day,” Ella continues to develop her talent in a remarkable way.

“Bittersweet, I’m on your tongue, again and again and again and again and again.”

Ella Tiritiello - “Again and Again” press photo

“I really loved recording this song. It’s so fascinating to be able to sing about something quite dark and very exposing, but in a lightful tone. I put on this song, and I want to dance, although it’s quite triggering.” – Ella Tiritiello explained

Ella Tiritiello has been making her mark as an exciting artist to watch. She was raised by music lovers on a potent diet of powerhouses including the likes of Diana RossAdele, and Sia. “I loved to sing their songs in my room,” stated Ella, “but I never wanted anyone to hear, mostly because of my stage fright. I couldn’t see myself standing in front of people and singing.”

Ella Tiritiello – “Again and Again” single

Ella Tiritiello - “Again and Again” cover

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