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Ella Tiritiello Comes of Age on Powerful New EP, “Younger”

Ella Tiritiello (@tiritielloella) is a rising Swedish teen star from Kristianstad, Sweden. Not too long ago, she came of age on her powerful new sophomore EP, “Younger,” featuring the lead single, “I’m His, He’s Mine,” via Northbound Stockholm.

Ella Tiritiello – “I’m His, He’s Mine” visualizer

“I’m His, He’s Mine” is a melancholic pop song that tells the story of the heartache that can arise from a broken love and features the young star’s stunning vocals in full force – her talent for tender storytelling underpinned by shimmering production.

The release of “Younger” leaves no doubt that Ella is an artist with wisdom and talent beyond her years. Kicking off 2024 in style, it will be a joy to watch her star continue to rise.

Ella Tiritiello – “Younger” EP

Ella Tiritiello – “Younger” EP Cover
Photo by Credd Ebba Lange

“Being a teen artist is a special experience, and I think that it contributes even more to the ups and downs a ‘normal’ teenager can feel. One second, I feel total euphoria, and the other I feel anxious and insecure. It’s a lot of different feelings all the time. And that’s also what I want to show with ‘Younger,’ everything goes up and down and that’s okay.” – Ella Tiritiello explained

“Younger” is an introspective into the trials and tribulations of adolescence. It’s an honest project that explores the turbulence of growing up and reflects the ups and downs that Ella Tiritiello experienced during her teenage years: falling in love for the first time, first heartbreak, anxiety, happiness, and the journey to finding your path and who you are.

Elsewhere, the EP delves into other relatable themes including anxiety, as previously released single and titular track “Younger” sees Ella reflecting on the ambivalence of growing up and some of the struggles today’s teenagers go through – something she believes many can relate to with their own experiences.

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