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Eiza Murphy releases an emotive pop tune, entitled, “Movies”

Eiza Murphy is an LA-based singer-songwriter and producer from Cork, Ireland. Not too long ago, she released an emotive pop tune, entitled, “Movies,” produced by REBENN.

Eiza Murphy – “Movies” single

“4 pm and Jesus it’s dark outside. This is where they all say dreams come to die. We’ve got a couch where we sit and tell lies. I love being lost in my mind. I get to be someone else for a minute – it’s not that permanent. Feel a fresh start as if it weren’t that hard. It actually hurts a bit. In the movies, we’d love cigarettes and crime. Make a million bucks and then buy a brand new life. In the movies, we’d be royal if we like. Louis thirteens with a lemon and lime.” – lyrics

Eiza wrote “Movies” while living in London during the last U.K. lockdown. The song is about escapism – imagining your life as it would play out on a screen.

‘Movies’ contains a relatable narrative, emotive vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Lana Del Rey and Jessie Reyez. The dreamy tune serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Eiza Murphy in the near future.

“I get to be someone else for a minute.”

Eiza Murphy press photo

“‘Movies’ is a song I wrote about daydreaming and escaping reality for a minute in your mind. I thought ‘what would it look or feel like if my life was scripted in a film?.’ After the year we’ve just had, I think everyone is craving a little predictability.” – Eiza Murphy explained

Eiza Murphy draws elements of her Irish storytelling roots in her distinctive and unfiltered songwriting style. Her 12 years of classical training empowered her to bend the rules and norms, leading to her progressive take on writing.

Eiza Murphy

Eiza Murphy press photo

At the age of 15, Eiza moved to New York to study Logic Pro music production at Dubspot School of Electronic Music. She was the only woman in a class of 20 men and the youngest by 15 years. Since then, she has performed in venues such as Tobacco Dock, Battersea Evolution, and the London National Film Theatre. Not too long ago, she charted at #1 on iTunes Ireland twice and amassed almost one million streams thanks to her Black Hole, Taxi, and Bat and Ball singles. Plus, she has accumulated over a quarter of a million views on TikTok.

“Movies” single

Eiza Murphy - “Movies” song cover

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