Doja Cat - “Attention” press photo

Doja Cat releases an eye-popping music video for her scorching new hip-hop track, entitled, “Attention”

Doja Cat is an innovative Grammy-winning global icon from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an eye-popping music video for her scorching new hip-hop track, titled, “Attention,” which introduces fans to Doja’s alter-ego, Scarlet, via Ministry of Sound. The song is an OMG moment for Doja, who finds herself spitting real raps over an authentic hip-hop beat.

Doja Cat – “Attention” music video

Look at me, look at me, you lookin’? My taste good, but I just had to redirect my cookin’. I coulda been an opener, I redirect the bookin’. I readed all the comments sayin’, ‘D, I’m really shooketh. D, you need to see a therapist, is you lookin’?’ Yes, the one I got, they really are the best. Now I feel like I can see you b*tches is depressed. I am not afraid to finally say sh*t with my chest. Lost a lil’ weight, but I ain’t never lost a tushy. Lookin’ good, but now my bald head match my… Lookin’ good, but now they all sayin’ that I’m ugly. Boo-hoo, my ni**a, I ain’t sad you won’t f*** me. I’m sad that you really thought your a** was above me.” – lyrics

The glossy video, shot in Los Angeles and directed by Tanu Muino (Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, Cardi B), is hazy and heavily stylized in early 2000s nostalgia. It’s another mind-bending entry into the Doja Cat canon, with the ever-shapeshifting artist donning multiple guises while roaming the streets of LA, surrounded by screaming fans and aggressive passersby.

‘Attention’ is yet another captivating turn for the Grammy-winner. Written with Y2K and Rogét Chahayed, who also produced the track, it sees Doja Cat slipping seamlessly between rapping and singing, punctuating free-flowing verses with a sweet chorus. She raps, “Just let me flex, bruh, just let me pop sh*t. ‘Why she think she Nicki M? She think she hot sh*t.’ Huh, I never gave a F, go stir the pot, b*tch. I got y’all head all in the dirt just like an ostrich. Of course, you b*tches comparin’ Doja to who’s the hottest.” Wow! With artistic statements like that, Doja certainly has our attention.

Doja Cat – “Attention” single

Doja Cat - “Attention” cover art

‘Attention’ is Doja Cat’s first single of 2023, signaling the beginning of a rap-heavy era with a new studio album on the way. The song continues a world-conquering streak for Doja after she stormed the charts with her song, “Vegas,” and most recently featured alongside label mate, SZA, on the remix of her song, “Kill Bill.” Furthermore, “Attention” is a savory treat that will resonate well with fans of Kendrick Lamar.

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