Dave East

Dave East releases “Ain’t No Nigga” [EastMix] feat. Ms. Hustle

Dave East is a rapper outta East Harlem, New York. Not too long ago, he released “Ain’t No Nigga” featuring Ms. Hustle, a female battle rapper.

Dave East – “Ain’t No Nigga” [EastMix]


“She know the gang I’m in all blue, just left my jeweler

I send Uber she fall through

Never quiet when I’m in it she like to talk too

Chanel bags that’s light it cost me a walkthrough (no lie)

You get the keys to the Rover baby (but no drive)

And 30 ni^^as in my section with weapons but don’t mind em

If he ain’t hot, then he ain’t hot, don’t co-sign him

With chains on I gotta hit it from the back, I might blind her sh*t.”

The original “Ain’t No Nigga” was recorded by JAY-Z. Also, it featured Brooklyn rapper, Foxy Brown. The song is the second single from JAY-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” album.

Paranoia: A True Story

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