King Bless

King Bless releases visuals for his “Love & Fear” single feat. Dave East

King Bless is an indie hip-hop artist out of the Bronx, New York. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Love & Fear”, a single from his “Fruition” mixtape featuring Dave East.

“Love & Fear” ft. Dave East

Fruition describes Bless’s current state of mind. Also, his lyrics, wrapped in blankets of analogies, depicts the artist’s real-life story, no fabrication.”

The Visuals by DNA video begins with a cinematic sky view of New York City. Also, Bless and East perform in an underground dim-lit area.

King Bless

Cover Art + King Bless + Fruition

Born to Cuban and Jamaican parents, Bless is an aggressive rapper who studied the combative nature of emcees such as Ransom and JAY-Z.

Check out his thirteen-track mixtape, featuring East, Haddy Racks, and others. Also, the project was produced by Dizzy, Paul, Cabbin, Duke Dolla, and others.


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